In just over 6 weeks, I’ve managed to lose 10kgs using the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and Healthy Mummy Smoothies!! I’ve been trying to get out and walk 30 mins everyday and also trying to get in the daily exercises. Some days it’s just impossible with an unsettled baby or bad weather, or I have cold myself. You should understand that breakfast is such an important meal of the day that you must not ignore. You can lose your weight successfully and quickly thanks to divide meals into small meals to eat during the day and you need to balance the amount of food in each meal. If you want to make your weight loss more effectively, you need to go to a gym at least 3 days a week. With these simple by effective methods I share to you, you may find it’s not so difficult to lose your weight within 2 weeks.
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On the fifth day you can get some taste in your food as you can have tomatoes, sprouts and some cottage cheese.

If you’re doing this for some occasion then do it 2 months in advance with 2-3 days gap between each cycle. It tastes absolutely delicious but the bonus is that it is packed full of extra goodness and nutrients too! A full breakfast not only provides energy for your body active all day long but also is one of the best ways for you to keep your body fit. Eat several meals during the day with the reasonable amount of food, focus in eating vegetables, fiber, fruit will help you to feel full quickly so that you can control the hunger and prevent the formation of fat effectively.
You must choose the exercises that suitable for your body because high intensity workouts will make you exhausted and hungry after every training day. The important thing is you need to choose the methods that suitable for you make a clear weight loss plan and stick to it. In preparation, don’t drink alcohol for a couple of days before starting and avoid it absolutely during the diet. You can have fresh fruit juices, half a chapatti, some vegetables and a cup of brown rice for this day. Remember to choose the foods that support your weight loss plan such as green vegetables, eggs… and learn how to cook them well, then you can enjoy a delicious breakfast that made by you. Then you need to balance your diet as well as drink more water and fruits to make your training more effectively.
There’s a lot of discipline and hard work involved but if you manage to stick to the plan it will do wonders for you.
If you are already on this diet plan it is advised that you wait for 2-3 days before starting it again.
In addition, you can eat an apple, banana or drink a cup of milk without sugar or fruit and vegetables juices to make your weight loss process more effectively.

So you can use any kind of food and ingredients from vegetables, meats… freely without fear of weight gain. Your body needs to adjust to the change in nutritional intake, or it will overwork your systems. If you have a habit of cutting fruits, seasoning them and eating them then you shouldn’t do it. Bananas are thought of as fruits that will make you gain weight but you need the nutrients. But remember, once you start low carb diet, you have to follow it correctly because if you make a mistake, you have to turn back to the first step.
This diet doesn’t only work for losing weight but is also great for maintaining a fitter, more proportionate body. Recommended fruits are: Watermelon, lime, oranges, apples, pomegranates, strawberries and melons.
Keep your cravings locked up somewhere in the basement and hang a picture of your fitter self in the drawing room of your mind. Stop sitting at the sofa to watch a movie or staying bed with a laptop, move your body, get out of your bed or your sofa and do the housework. Once you do that, you will burn your fat stores in your body and make your weight loss more easily.

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