Some of you might have seen or read online the health benefits of coconut oil to our body as a whole and also read the opposite claims of the dangerous effect of saturated fat to our heart health and somehow you end up being confused to what really the truth about coconut oil. In truth, contrary to the propaganda, coconut oil has so many health benefits to our body including our heart.
The health benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the high presence of capric acid, caprylic acid, palmitic, myristic acid and the 50% of Lauric Acid  which is very helpful to heart problems, cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, in fact, coconut oil described as the highest sourced of lauric acid than any food source on earth. Below is the infographic about coconut oil health benefits created by NutraBusiness that is very useful information to share to your friends.
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Well, at one point back in 1970s where the mass productions of coconut oil and its popularity spread throughout western countries including Canada and USA, producing industries of soy oil and corn oil published a propaganda campaign against coconut oil claiming that the oil was dangerous to heart health due to its large content of saturated fats extract, but not until the late years of 2000 where an independent food research bodies released result for the public knowledge, disputed and discredited the propaganda claims and misconception that coconut oil is harmful to our health. Coconut oil regulates metabolism, boost your immune system, lower cholesterol level, good for hair and skin care and make your bone and dental strong.
A Monolaurin is a Lauric acid that was converted from our body, it’s a monoglyceride that help to eradicate lipid-coated viruses such as influenza, herpes, hiv and measles.

Let me give you one reality case of a generation of Tokelauans people, they extensively used and sourced 60% of their calories from coconut, they are the world’s biggest saturated fat consumers, but in their decade history of health, there are no sign of heart failure problems and they too applied coconut oil on their body both external and internal.
Also see Kitavans people studied by Science Based Medicine organization with regards to their dietary intact in comparison to western population.

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