Sophie Guidolin - Losing the muffin top, love handles, mummy tummy or loose skin and flab to reveal ABS can feel like an unachievable task, I know.
SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER TODAY & GET A FREE CORE WORKOUT PLANNER EBOOK- VALUED AT $39.95! While it can take a little more dedication to achieve than other trouble areas, with the right tips and a bit of persistence, you can get there. Must Do Tip #3 – incorporate some High Intensity Interval Cardio Training (HIIT) into your week. HIIT involves either using a treadmill or getting outside for sprinting or some form of intense exercise. If you follow all these 3 approaches together, and stay consistent for 2 months I promise you, you will start to see dramatic changes. I guess another benefit to following the above is, you will not just see dramatic changes in your ABS, but your whole body too.

For those of you ready and eager to see those abs:Start planking, get cooking and start sprinting! I wanted to begin by thanking you for being such an inspiration and passing on your knowledge the way you do. Incredible results, following the clean eating guidelines & total body transformation guide! Following the protocols of Sophie Guidolin's Meal Plans & Training programs have seen the AMAZING results below! The clean eating diet plan, is also for males wanting to tone, build muscle and lose body fat! I absolutely love following your journey, reading your articles and following your clean eating advice! You need to target all 4 areas of the abdominal area Obliques, Rectus Abdominals, Transverses Abdominals and Serratus Anterior) to tone, tighten, and overall shape your waist and tummy!

You will see abs too depending on how much body fat you are already carrying (for some who need to lose more body fat, it will take longer).
This is why I recommend doing workouts that use a combination of specific exercises that laser target all these areas.
You’ll need to be pretty strict on this for 2 months to give your body the consistency it needs to shed the body fat. I have been cooking and preparing my meals from it since i purchased it months ago, its fantastic. So that means eating whole, fresh foods like beautiful fresh vegetables (as many different varieties as you can handle and lots of green and fibrous varieties like broccoli and cauliflower), lean protein throughout the day, plenty of water (aim for 3 litres), fresh fruit (limit your consumption on this though as it has more sugar than vegetables) and most importantly, cut out anything processed.

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