August 9, 2011 By Kelly - Be A Fun Mum 30 Comments Last year, I gave myself a pep-talk about feeling fat and ugly.
Seeing pictures of gorgeous celebrities may provide some inspiration in the short term, but I’m sure they work very hard to achieve the results.
For me I’ve had to come to grips with the many sacrifices of being a mother (which really is part of the joy of it all).
I remember someone once saying to me (after I complained about stretch marks and wrinkly skin), ‘Well, what would you rather?
So true I’m learning this as well and i think as mummy’s we all need to learn to love ourselves just as we are!!
I think the problem is a society as a whole driven to valuing aesthetics, outward displays of wealth, a culture of comparison, and media-skewed perspectives of success that send an individual into despair. I have yet to have the privilege of having children yet (And I hope it happens soon) But I am like you Kelly, I am a broad and strong women who has never identified with the word small in my world, it is great to hear someone accept themselves for who they are and not what they look like…although it is important to be healthy and not obese, it is prudent to remember that not all of us can achieve the size 4or 6 or even 8 (LOL) that our super models portray as beautiful.
Arn’t we lucky we met each other – all thanks to Renee and Ngaire and their facebook antics!! Your diet must be healthy and it must consist of lean meats, low fat dairy, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole grains essentially. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. Many of the issues I was facing came down to me waiting for circumstances to change before making changes to my life. I move a little more, eat better and have enough treats to steer off the PMT emotional eating. My weight gain was largely because of the medication I was on when I suffered with depression. On one end of the spectrum, there’s magazine articles showing how celebrities got their amazing bodies back right after birth.

This has been a process, and believe me, I haven’t always been all that gracious about the entire process. But, just yesterday (after my last pair of well-fitting jeans got a hole in them) I made the decision that I will spend a little money, get some new clothes and feel better about myself (even though I still would like to lose 10kg).
I myself like such trappings, but after being involved in an activity which seeks inner harmony for the last 28 years I am better placed to see what is more important to me and my family.
Yesterday I decided that I had had enough and it was time to get serious about being healthy. Your toxins will be flushed out, your weight will be controlled, and you will have enough energy for workouts!
Sleep when your baby does because soon she will be up and you will have to go through the entire routine again. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! On the other hand, there’s websites dedicated to featuring real body parts of mothers, stretch marks and all.
I had diligently rubbed oil into my tummy EVERY day and I had every hope that I would escape the scars. And I seriously don’t stress about how I look anymore or my post baby defects, but instead be who I am. I’m one of those people who usually look MUCH better in photos than I do in real life. You generally gain weight so that you able to sustain your pregnancy and give your child the required nourishment in the womb.
Perhaps they have incontinence, or hemorrhoids, or wanted a vaginal birth but ended up with a cesarean section. 3 years ago I was playing soccer, running for an hour and a half centre field position and I had been working hard for a year and a half to get to that stage and boy now that I know what it feels like to be fit and healthy I need to get back there.

I am nowhere near active enough and still eat far too much sweet stuff but I am more than ever mindful how my behaviour and attitudes to looks, food and exercise, is setting an example to my girls. It is clear that women who nurse their babies throughout their infant life burn more calories with ease when compared to women who wean their babies. Chew slowly and swallow so that the food is digested properly and so that you don’t eat too much.
This, combined with not overeating and eating sensibly, will get you back to your pre-pregnancy weight in no time. I’m trying hard to change that self talk and be thankful for all the things my body does and has done for my babies and I…and my neglected husband occasionally ?? Like someone said above, I have been waiting to lose the extra weight before I buy anymore clothes as it seemed wasteful, buy I have been feeling so frumpy and OVER wearing the same things all the time! Whether you are breastfeeding your baby or not, watching your diet will definitely help you shed the extra pounds after pregnancy. If you don’t sleep well, the levels of sugar in your blood will change and you will feel hungry. Anyway enough dribble about me… boy I am blabbing on and I was gonna blog probably about this anyway!
Somehow I’ve ended up lighter post-pregnancy which has most likely helped my feelings. There are a few ways that, when employed together, will help you lose weight effectively and very quickly.
I know I’ll have bad days but having the right attitude, as you outlined above, is key to staying happy and being a good example to our kids.

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