But if you want to look good and feel great for all of the reunions, swimsuit seasons, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, court dates and whatever else a little further down the line; make walking a part of your daily habit.
Sifting through the advice of an endless parade of exercise and health gurus and whatever diet fads are in or out of fashion can itself be daunting.
For most of us, it can be hard to find the motivation to go for a jog or the time to go to the gym. If you have a high school reunion coming up or want to quickly drop twenty pounds for swimsuit season, look elsewhere. Start out walking about 20 minutes at least three times a week. Walking this much will likely provide immediate mental benefits in the form of elevated mood which will give you extra motivation to keep it up.

Keep in mind, though, that for significant weight loss, your target needs to be at least 45 minutes at least five days a week.
And your friend will be grateful to you when they begin to see the benefits of walking in their own life. In fact, it costs nothing to just get out and walk, so never let lack of equipment be a barrier. But get yourself an MP3 player if you don’t have one and load it up with music, audiobooks or podcasts.
One of the great things about walking is that you get the chance to discover things you wouldn’t see from your car (or couch) and an unplanned, wandering route can be great for that.

Take a different route through your neighborhood, around the area where you work, or visit different parks or trails. That said, a pair of slick new shoes just for walking can act as a motivator for many people. Planning a route can help both with motivation and time management as it helps you visualise just how much time your route is likely to take.

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