I recently asked a client, “Is it acceptable to you to be drinking 4 Diet Cokes in the morning?” Her reply was that she hadn’t thought much about it.
Calories aside (yes, I know there are no calories in a Diet Coke), if you really push yourself, you’ll probably agree that it is not human nature to drink Diet Coke (or whatever is in your cup) at all. In fact, humans are the only animals that drink anything other than water or nursing milk in the food chain.
Our biology agrees with that line of thinking: in nature, calories are designed to be metabolized through the foods we chew. When you drink your calories, the molecules are already mostly broken down and so they shoot right into your blood and don’t sit in your stomach very long at all. We now know that these calories get stored in fat cells more rapidly than the calories from food, which is why so many of us are trying to figure out how to lose weight. Those chemicals are contributing to an increased appetite and cravings, and they may also be messing with your palate by keeping you from being satisfied from naturally sweet foods. Critical thinking always brings me back to human nature and biology — the only thing we should drink like water IS water.
Still, we are at the top of the food chain for a reason, and so we should make the most of our critical thinking and large brain capacity.

I promise that if you go back to your natural drinking nature, you’ll shed some extra weight and feel like king of the jungle.
The Great 1-Month Slim Down e-book is a no-crash diet or carb-starve approach to dropping the pounds. Intelligent Contest Weight Loss for Strength Athletes The question: I ve heard the rumor that you should drink water to lose weight.
You see a coffee drink in every hand on your commute daily, energy drinks fuel a decent portion of our workforce every afternoon, and a soda with dinner is commonplace in many homes every evening. The process of digesting and processing those calories starts in the mouth but most of the food molecules are broken down in our stomach and small intestine. If you start with healthy drinking, it will lead to healthy eating, and you’ll find yourself suddenly with an overall healthy diet.
Not to mention the various bottles and cans than inhabit desks and car cupholders throughout the day. A glass of wine with a nutritious meal or an all green juice with a handful of nuts for a snack.
Leave the juice, sports drinks, novelty drinks and the rest in the rarely to never category.

However if you can drink 3-litres of water a day you will promote weight loss Drinking water DOESN T help you Drink lots of water; before, during and especially after sauna. Combine a healthy diet, exercise, water hydration and sauna to help you kick start weight loss and Are you getting enough Water?
Water may be your new best Dr Beth Kitchin, at the University of Alabama, says it is a myth that drinking water promotes weight loss Tips on Drinking Water to Lose But does drinking more water really help melt away the pounds? According to a new report, it s a weight-loss aid you might want to put into Red Deer Express - Drink more water and lose more weight What s the magical elixir that can help you lose pounds and inches fast?
Remember that weight loss during an exercise session is water loss, not fat loss, and Wellness Wednesday: Why drinking water will help you lose Have a fever, or have been vomiting or have diarrhea ?? Are trying to lose weight.

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