As they say, the mirror doesn’t lie and as you stare at your reflection, all that effort and positive feeling soon turns sour and you are demoralised. Just like the double chin, this unsightly and stubborn phenomenon happens even to the slimmest of women. Another demoralising fact is that even with regular exercise, most times the problem still persists. Fats are generally stored in 2 forms namely Subcutaneous Fat (extra layer of padding located just below the skin) and Visceral Fat (which lies deep inside your abdomen).
Calories intake, Heredity and Menopause are just some factors that affect the amount of belly fat in women.
The decreasing levels of estrogen as a woman age also influence the distribution of fats in her body. When a woman’s menstrual cycle ends as she goes through the perimenopause and into menopause, the decreasing estrogen level affects the redistribution of body fat from the hips, thighs and buttocks (where it used to be stored as fuel for breastfeeding) to the abdomen. These are just some of the most common factors behind the appearance of stubborn belly fat.
Liposuction is a common form of medical surgery that is popular and preferred amongst women who are adamant about getting rid of their excessive belly fat. Aside from the risk of a punctured stomach, another major risk is clot formation or thrombosis in a vein in one of the legs.

Small pieces of fat that pass into the blood stream can also be extremely dangerous and this is the most common cause of death after liposuction. Using the fact that fat in our skin is uniquely sensitive to cold, this procedure employs a controlled cooling treatment to target and eliminate the fat cells and after a period of 3 to 4 months, the body naturally metabolizes and gets rid of them.
The proven efficacy and safety of the Zeltiq CoolSculpting® method lies in the success of more than 300,000 treatments worldwide and 1000 installed devices in more than 52 countries. The Zeltiq CoolSculpting® methods with its safety measures in place eliminate the risk of complications, making it a reliable and trusted treatment.
Non-invasive Zeltiq CoolSculpting® treatment to remove that excess critical inches of tummy fats.
A CoolSculpting® treatment can be done in an hour and full results can be seen after a period of 3 to 4 months.
Aside from being non-invasive, this FDA approved treatment’s plus point is its relatively cheaper cost compared to most other fat-removing procedures and treatments. The Zeltiq CoolSculpting® treatment is made available only to premier medical clinics practices which renders it unique, specialized and most importantly, safe. So the next time you look in the mirror, don’t let that bulging tummy get to you and ruin your day.
Book yourself in for a Zeltiq CoolSculpting® treatment which is available at ASTIQUE The Aesthetic Clinic and smile your way to a fat free you!

You’re fitting into smaller size dresses comfortably which is a dream come true; friends and loved ones have been lavishing praises on how amazing you look in them and quite honestly, you do feel a lot healthier. There are several diet plans that claim to be the solution for this pestilent issue but unless it’s accompanied by a rigorous abdominal workout programme, that jelly belly is here to stay. A condition called diastasis recti abdominis occurs where the two large parallel bands of muscles that meets in the middle of the abdomen separate, causing a bulge.
It is a revolutionary non-invasive fat reduction treatment that freezes stubborn fats that requires no anaesthesia.
Being non-invasive, this literally means no needles and scalpels which make it a safer and the alternative choice to liposuction.
Removing large amounts of fats can lead to a dramatic loss in body fluids and sudden drop in blood pressure.
With liposuction the risk of complications is high and there have been documented reports of untimely death after the procedure.
Thus it is important to get the balance right to avoid the risk of kidney complications and the way lipsuction is performed can inevitably lead to the considerable loss of blood and this increases with the volume of fats that require removing.

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