We are now well into the New Year, and with that comes all the promises that many of us make to lose weight and eat more healthily. In 2011, I started training in February (once the snow had gone!) and gradually built my way up to 15km runs in the summer. My presumption is that over the months up to June, I would have lost a fair amount of body fat, as I lost the best part of 28 pounds in weight during those months. I have been seeing my physio for a few months now, and the original prescription was to stop trying to run altogether, and then to build up extremely slowly while all the knots and kinks are worked out of my legs.
With a notional body fat percent of 34%, my plan over the Christmas holidays was to try and design a plan that would quickly and effectively allow me to reduce my fat content and weight, in a healthy and sustainable way. Diet – eating the right foods is extremely important, and this can include calorie-counting if needed, in order to control portion sizes.
Exercise – people are increasingly catching on that exercise needs to go alongside diet if lasting and effective weight loss is to be achieved. Nutrient Timing – this is a component of body fat loss that is generally completely lost on most people, and often is the domain of elite and serious athletes.
I should say though that I lost a reasonable portion of body fat and 4 pounds in weight during week 1. I’m really looking forward to seeing my running and my times improve as I abandon my blubber. Each individual is gifted with a unique body shape which can be classified as apple, pear, banana and hourglass shape.
Start preparing for the next summer season where you can confidently wear skirts and flaunt toned legs.
The core concept is for you keep an accurate track of how well you are following the weight loss diet plan. Only on realizing that you are accountable for what you consume, calorie control becomes easy to put into effect. If you successfully manage to do so, the stored fat is targeted and torched, which helps lose the excess weight. Take a note of the following- The National Institute Of Health Standards state that daily calorie consumption should never go below 1200 calories per day. Aerobic or cardiovascular activity refers to exercises that involve repetitive movement of the extremities of the body for an extended time. There are endless forms of aerobic activities, which are, equally effective and fun to perform. Engage in household chores such as washing clothes, dusting or even mopping the floor to tone the leg and thigh muscles. Fitness trainers across the world recommend 60-90 minutes of aerobic activity at least five times in a week.
One of the best ways to consume fewer calories and to avoid overeating (which you regret later) is to have small but more number of meals after an interval of two to three hours.
This aids in keeping thee appetite level within control and allows the metabolism rate as well as the energy rate to shoot up.

From now, instead of devouring three large meals, try small sized, yet well proportioned meals 4-5 times in a day.
Weight training serves two objectives, especially when it comes to the lower half of the body. Try the below mentioned weight training exercise, along with leg press and stiff leg deadlifts to trim the major leg muscles.
This exercise mainly focuses on the lower body and must be included in your at-home weight loss program. If this seems too simple, intensify the workout by switching to a board or stool of more height or by wearing ankle weights or sandbags. Choose raw fruits and low or nil calorie containing vegetables such as broccoli, watermelon and strawberries. Fulfill your body’s need for protein through chicken, fish and lean beef, all of which contain leucine, a protein that slices through fat and helps in maintenance of muscle mass. In the contemporary world, people do not care about boundaries and status quo when it comes to styling themselves. Often underrated, body scrubs can do much more than just sloughing away dead, dull looking skin.
I had to suffer very early on, as my running shoes felt a bit dodgy and left me with hip pain. Unfortunately, my evolution running must have gradually devolved into some weird lazy variant where most of my forward propulsion was initiated solely from the calf muscles. Well, I was resting up for periods of 2-3 weeks at a time, followed by trying running again. So many people sentence themselves to strict and often ludicrous diet regimes in the New Year, and frankly they are all destined to fail at some point. It is a fact that people who skip breakfast are normally the ones who have weight problems at some point in their lives. I am now my own guinea pig, as I test out some of these ideas on myself, and I’ll report the results here on this blog from time to time, as well as any problems, or recipes or whatever else crops up while I get back to fitness after my injuries and bloatedness! Feel free to follow along with this yourself, but of course, check with your own doctor that it’s right for you before starting! Begin by noting all the food items you eat or junk food you sneak out to nibble on each day. This way you cannot hold anybody responsible for the spurt or stagnancy in weight other than yourself.
In the beginning, a calorie deficit of 500 calories via diet is recommended which should be slowly increased with time. This form of physical exercise is extremely crucial, if you are keen on losing lower body fat. Who says you have to join a gym or attend special aerobic classes to trim the fat, mainly from the thighs?

Other option is to wear comfortable clothes, slip into a pair of superior quality walking or running shoes and head out for a 30 minute brisk walk or a long run.
Those at the gym can try either elliptical trainers, stationary bikes or heart pumping kick boxing. Make it a point to include one portion, each of complex carbohydrates and protein in every meal you eat. It enables the weak, flabby muscles to tone up, and this in turn, raises the resting metabolic rate. With weight training, you get metabolically active muscles, which burn an extra dose of 30-50 calories in a day.
To perform this, you need a stable, sturdy stool or a bench that easily supports your body weight. This repetitive exercise is an efficient way of challenging the muscles of your legs to shed excess pounds.
Develop a taste for food types that assist by keeping your stomach full, even on lesser calories. These along with tomatoes have a lot of water content and consequently negligible calories. Oatmeal, wholegrain breads are loaded with complex carbohydrates minus the fattening sugars.
This meant I was destined to break down and get injured eventually, and this is exactly what happened in June, with a strained popliteus muscle in my left knee. If you starve yourself calorificaly, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) slows down almost exactly calorie for calorie.
But it is also important to eat at the right times throughout the day, especially in relation to your exercise routines.
To bring about fat loss in the lower body, you need to reform the pattern of calorie intake so as to ensure that you eat fewer calories than the system utilizes.
It might be easy to achieve the desired weight goal through the use of diet pills and unhealthy crash diets, but the weight lost is bound to bounce back.
Anyway, I promised myself that I would change my form and get the hips more involved, leading to my evolution to, well, Evolution running as developed by triathlon and cycling coach Ken Mierke.
This never fixed itself, but became bearable for running after a couple of months, at which time I promptly strained my right calf in the soleus muscle.
This went on for a few months, and at that point I got myself a body fat analyzer and measured my lard-content at 27%. Eating within an hour or so of a good workout helps to shepherd those calories into useful areas, such as replenishing muscle and liver glycogen stores, and helping strengthen and build muscles – rather than filling up those pesky fat cells!
Thing is, with your BMR now lower than before, and with less lean muscle mass to burn off excess calories, you will sadly probably end up fatter than you were to start with!

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