Many HCG dieters want to get the best results possible from the very low calorie diet (VLCD). The only way to ensure that you’ll get great results on the VLCD is if you stick closely to the protocol and never exceed 500 calories of the recommended foods. The same goes for the vegetable and protein choices; you’ll need to take the time to really learn the foods allowed on the diet to help avoid mistakes. With a regular meal routine in place you will have meal times planned out ahead of time and there won’t be long delays between meals. If you’re one of the HCG dieters that has no problem sticking to the protocol, you might be tempted to push it as far as it can go and also exercise while dieting.
Definitely don’t start a new exercise routine on the VLCD, and you’ll need to scale down your exercise to a maximum of walking or light swimming 30 minutes per day even if you exercise regularly.
Keep a journal of the times that you eat and what you eat, or if you plan your meals out ahead of time you’ll just need to write them out and note the times that you ate. You should also weigh yourself every morning and note your weight; this is very important to help you catch a plateau quickly.
Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry because everyone is looking for the quick fix when it comes to losing weight.
Unstable blood sugar is something that can do serious damage to your body in addition to increasing body fat levels, such as hormonal discrepancies and Type II Diabetes.
Activity level is the other major factor, which prevents a lot of people from making any progress! An easy way to stay on track is to ask your self before every meal or snack "what will I be doing for the next few hours?" If you are going to be at work and not that active then your body doesn't need a lot of calories.
Another major problem is the common misconception that your metabolism slows down as you age. I also recommend performing 2-3 high intensity cardiovascular workouts per week on non-consecutive days. A large portion of your meals following that workout will be used to replenish the glycogen (muscular energy) that was used to fuel that workout. This is just a brief overview of the importance of stable blood sugar and how meal frequency affects it. Get In Shape For Your Wedding FAST And Look Your Best With My Easy To Follow, Weight Loss And Fitness Plan Designed Specifically For You, The Bride To Be! Eric Bach is a personal trainer at Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance in Denver and president of Bach Performance.
It seems counterintuitive, but the amount of time between exercises and sets has implications to the amount of fat your body burns (provided the rest of your program is sensibly designed). It seems counterintuitive, but the amount of time between exercises and sets has implications to the amount of fat your body burns. They also aid your central nervous system recovery, preparing you for maximal power output and proper technique.
When you’re training, byproducts from your strenuous effort cause that heavy, lead feeling in your muscles and prevent you from training as hard or as long as you need. Even if your primary goal is burning fat, successful fat-loss programs have moderately heavy strength work included.
If, however, you’re looking to improve strength and sports performance, keep your rest periods longer.
To emphasize fat loss in your training, one principle must remain: Strength should not be sacrificed.
Like tracking weights, reps and sets, rest periods and high-density training are an important piece of the fat-shedding puzzle. After your main strength exercises, drop your rest periods on exercises by five to 10 seconds until you’re struggling to catch your breath.
When planning your workouts for the day, week or month, there are some key considerations to keep in mind. Basically, by sticking to the protocol and not cheating even on one day, you’ll see the fastest results possible and limit your chances of a plateau. You’ll need to know the specific details of the foods allowed on the protocol, or you can print a list to keep with you.
You can shop for food for a week or so all at once with a list of HCG foods, and you should also take the time to carefully plan your meals out.
If you can schedule your meals at particular times and even cook or prepare them before your day starts you’ll eliminate the chance that you’ll have to pick something up outside for a meal. Remember that you can split up the portions for your meals; for instance you can have one of your fruit servings in the morning for a small breakfast meal if you prefer to eat in the mornings, or you could have both your fruit and breadstick or Melba toast in the morning.
This would be a mistake, as extra exercise outside of walking or light swimming 20 to 30 minutes per day can negatively affect your metabolism and cause it to slow down.

You’ll get the maximum level of fat loss when you limit your exercise, and you’ll also protect your metabolism. This is important to help you determine what foods might be contributing to a plateau if you experience one. If you weigh yourself less often you run the risk of missing a plateau and not being able to address it in time to maximize your weight loss results. The problem is losing weight takes time, unless of course you go on The Atkins Diet and lose a lot of muscle and water! The whole reason we store extra calories (that can come from anything) is to have a back up or reserve.
Remember that the two most important factors when it comes to burning fat are stable blood sugar and lack of hard physical activity.
For example, juice increases blood sugar quickly forcing it to skyrocket as opposed to vegetables, which burn at a much slower rate.
Don't forget that any extra calories (whether from vegetables or pizza) that don't get used will be stored as fat! By making just a few small changes I've had people burn on average 1-2 pounds of fat per week! He has a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology, CSCS, PN1 and specializes in training athletes and busy professionals to develop healthy bodies and sustainable lifestyles.
During high-intensity exercises like heavy lifting or sprints, you deplete your energy sources quickly. With proper rest, your body clears metabolites for your system, helping to alleviate the burn in your muscles. Keeping your heart rate high (but not too high) throughout a workout will help you burn more calories during your workout and after your workout. To maintain or improve strength, you need a workout that starts with moderate-heavy strength work. You’ll need three to five minutes between heavy strength sets for maximum performance, as short rest periods impair physical performance during subsequent sets and therefore should be avoided. For example, you can do four sets of six chin-ups, rest 90 seconds, do four sets of six military presses and then rest for another 90 seconds.
Staying strong with heavy lifting in a caloric deficit maintains hormone levels, strength and lean muscle mass. With the exception of heavy and neurologically demanding exercises, rest periods should be kept below 60 seconds as long as safe technique is maintained. While this is uncomfortable, there is one giant benefit -- exercise post-oxygen consumption (EPOC). Well, in one study, groups repeated three 30-second sprints and found they required more energy in 24 hours than they did from 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise. Dropping your rest periods will maximize training density and provide the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Never blindly follow rest periods, but try to be out of breath during most of your exercises to get the benefits of EPOC. But, that doesn’t always go as planned and you might have some days where you make a few mistakes. Simmons to get familiar with the fundamental protocol recommendations as well as the HCG diet guide, and make sure that you have the foods you need for the VLCD prior to starting. For instance there are only four fruits allowed in limited servings: strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, and apples.
It may seem time consuming but you won’t need to do it forever, just 23 or 43 days, and once you get through the VLCD you’ll be able to relax a little with your food choices. Also avoid eating three hours before you sleep, because you are using up a meal at bedtime that could be eaten earlier in the day to provide you with more energy.
No matter how you structure your routine, be sure to count the calories for each meal and double check that all of the ingredients match the foods or seasonings allowed in the protocol. You’ll also more than likely start to feel more hunger pains as the diet is only designed to provide you with enough energy for your normal level of activity.
The best thing you can do to burn as much fat as possible is never cheat on one meal, and following the protocol is really all that matters.
You can always use a Steak Day or Apple Day to break a plateau, but you might also try altering some of your food choices as long as they are recommended in the diet. It is also nice to be able to see your daily weight loss, although you should keep in mind that irregular weight loss is common on the HCG diet for women due to differences in water retention between men and women.
Everyone wants to burn body fat yet few people understand how the human body uses fat for fuel!
The only way body fat can be effectively used as fuel Is If blood sugar is stable, and the body is using more fuel than is being supplied!

Avoid foods containing large amounts of sugar such as soda, juice, candy, ice cream, table sugar, and other refined foods. Your metabolism slows down due to a loss of muscle tissue, and that is a direct result of a lack of strenuous physical activity.
These hard cardiovascular workouts are great for increasing metabolism for 4-12 hours or more!
Plus, if you eat well following that workout, your body will start to metabolize fat for fuel. In the case of maximizing fat loss, you need to use a variety of rest-period lengths for safe training and maximum fat loss. By taking proper rest periods, you’ll allow your body to recover and refuel properly. Without enough recovery, your brain can’t keep up and send signals to muscles fast enough to continue exercise with the same intensity. That also means your rest periods must be long enough for your nervous system to recover and allow multiple heavy sets and proper form. So while three to five minutes between sets is ideal for strength exercises, less time can be used when opposing muscle groups are trained. EPOC is the phenomenon in which your respiratory rate stays elevated for hours after an intense workout to regain all the oxygen lost during the high-intensity exercise. Longer rest periods are vital for nervous system recovery, while shorter periods (30 to 45 seconds) create a greater release of growth hormone, aiding in burning fat and building muscle.
Multijoint exercises like squats have greater nervous system and mechanical requirements than a triceps extension or biceps curl and therefore require a longer rest period. By training additional movements you get more work done in less time, which is ideal for busy schedules and those focused on maximizing workout density and fat loss. Depending on your goal, you can perform additional exercise as part of an active recovery with a focus on improved cardio. If that happens be sure to get back on track quickly and you’ll reduce the chance of a plateau.  You might also inadvertently make a mistake if you haven’t fully read up on the protocol, so get familiar with it and you’ll reduce the chance of slipping up.
If you assume that you can eat other fruits you will be deviating from the protocol even if you stay under the 500 calorie limit, and your weight loss results might be affected. It would be better for you to eat a part of your allotted protein, fruit or vegetable servings prior to lunch instead of eating before your sleep. Keep the daily journal of your weight and look at your weight loss rate over a period of several days, and always be sure to weigh yourself right before the VLCD and right after it’s been completed. Small frequent feedings (provided they contain only enough calories necessary for the level of activity at that time) force your body to adapt or get used to having food, which will keep blood sugar fairly stable. Both strength training and hard cardiovascular workouts deplete glycogen (stored muscular energy).
If rest periods are too short, then your nervous system and muscular fatigue will limit your strength and result in poor technique. This brief test is known as the talk test, a quick way to see if you’re working above or below your aerobic threshold.
Essentially, all the air you’re gasping for during all that high intensity must be repaid. Short rest periods are typically recommended for exercise protocols designed to maximize muscle hypertrophy because short rest periods augment the growth hormone response when compared with longer rest periods.
There’s no distinct line, but stronger and larger people will produce greater amounts of force, expending more energy to work at the same relative intensities as smaller, weaker people. This is ideal for workouts focused on high training density like fat-loss training programs. Remember that you are going to have the benefit of the HCG hormone which will provide you with all of the energy that you need, and will reduce your hunger levels, making it as easy as possible for you to complete the VLCD.
Again, all that is necessary is that blood sugar is stable and that the individual is burning more calories than they are supplying. As a result, your body seeks oxygen to get back to baseline, keeping your respiratory rate and metabolism elevated long after exercise ends.
With the proper amount of rest in between sets and in between workouts, you’ll allow your body to recover itself into a fat-burning machine.
Eat small, balanced meals or snacks every 2.3 hours, increase muscle tissue with progressive strength training, and stay active (for more info on progressive strength trainings see my article entitled Success with Strength Training)!

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