Want to try your hands in delicious recipes such as shahi panner, shahi mushroom, kofta curry and dal makhni? Certain recipes such as gajar ka halwa, paranthas, and butter chicken demand a lot of fats in the form of butter, cream, milk, and condensed milk. If you think the recipe you prepare demands a lot of cheese, just choose one that has low fat and cholesterol content. In fact, you need to make all efforts you can to keep your body fit and mind in good working condition.

You can also ask your grocer to provide you with low fat cheese instead of the regular a?˜malai paneera??. If you have been focussing on buying the healthiest stuff for your kitchen and consuming only health friendly foods, therea??s more you must do. You just need to make some smart amendments in order to reduce excess fat in these recipes.
You may increase fat content while cooking which is not good for your heart and overall health.

Paranthas can be cooked in olive oil and cream added to these recipes can be toned or low fat.

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