It is not a secret that every girl or women dreams about having a flat and firm stomach, but how to keep our body in good shape, especially in the ‘problematic zones’? Have in mind that if you want to obtain the best results, it’s necessary that you exercise 3 times a week. Lift your head forward, take your shoulders up from the floor, but beware of the back section, from the shoulders down, to stay on the floor. Now lower your arms and legs straight and hold them as long as possible, gently moving the upper part of the body 15 cm forward and the same backward. This is a variant of the previous exercise for weight loss for those who consider it difficult to keep their feet up, which is not unusual at first.

Even The Doctors Are Amazed: Soak Your Feet in One of These Mixtures and Get Rid of Toe Nail Fungus – NATURALLY! Thousands of Women Are Using This Homemade Cream to Rejuvenate Their Facial Skin and Get Rid of Wrinkles! 4-5 кг в месяц – это тот максимум, который вы можете без вреда для здоровья сбрасывать. Also, it’s recommended to start the exercises for the belly after 2-3 hours from the last meal. It is very important that you do them as recommended and to feel every moving of the muscles.

With several simple exercises you can obtain the desirable shape of your abdomen even at your home.
The deeper the muscles are under your fat the harder it will be for you to make this exercises at the beginning.

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