The problem with ‘normal’ food is that it is always packing a element of low nutrient, high calorie ‘filler’ for example the bread of a sandwich, it does not help the weight loss process one bit! We all know weight loss is a mathematical issue, if the calories you burn are greater than the calories you consume then as sure as eggs are eggs your body will make up the difference by burning body fat.
Well there are lots of things to trip over, sugar is everywhere and it is ADDICTIVE, if you have a sugary snack or drink your blood sugar rises, then falls as your insulin levels rise, known as a ‘crash’ this stimulates your body to search out another sugar hit! I was terrible with this, I would eat until I felt satisfied only to find an hour later I was uncomfortably full and staggering round like a bunged up walrus.
By juicing, particularly vegetables, you can be totally sure you are flooding your system with high nutrition low calorie ULTRA-FOODS, super easy to digest, all natural and FRESH.
If you take control of the maths, the portions and the nutrition, the weight loss will happen and in a healthy, long term and reliable way.

USE this mechanism and it will kick in, after three or four frustrating days of feeling hungry and tired I PROMISE YOU that the switch will flick in YOU, the hunger will die down and YOUR body will go into FAT BURN MODE. Eating can be a very habitual practice, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cereals, grab a sandwich then prepare a quick dinner after work, its what you do, right? With juicing and smoothie making you can strip down the ingredients until you are left with high nutrient, low calorie, natural foodstuff ONLY. You can take advantage of the human body’s ability to switch to fat burning mode from fat storage mode when calories are restricted.
You can then keep it there by juicing while restricting calories to fool your body into cave person survival mode. Food manufacturers know that sugar makes their products sell, so TAKE CONTROL and go natural!

This is our survival mechanism from cave person days that allowed the body to store energy in the form of body fat when food was plentiful, switching to fat burning mode when food was scarce. Once your sugar consumption is down, your palate will re-tune to find sugar sickly sweet instead of desirable.
I took control away from my impulses and awarded it to my brain telling myself that I would regret over eating with that horrible bloated feeling. Over eating is tiring, expensive and it RUINS the maths of weight loss, it is a cruel fact that you can consume 5000 Kcals  in 20 minutes, but it is a fact nonetheless.

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