So how can you tell if you’re losing fat or muscle? And if the scale goes up, how can you tell if you’re gaining fat or muscle? Filed Under: Building muscle, Measuring Progress, Weight Loss Tagged With: Goals, Measuring Progress, Weight LossBuild MORE MUSCLE with every workout! Mark, you make a good point and I actually did read a study showing that leaner, more muscular people lose more muscle than people with a lot of extra fat.
These are all great principles to keep in focus as you’re trying to lose fat – or eliminate debt – or just about any other goal you’re trying to accomplish. I'm Suzanne Digre: Weightlifting mentor, personal trainer and online coach, writer, outdoors lover, mom. How do you know if you are making progress when you put yourself on a strict diet and exercise regimen?
We all like to have a pleasantly plump pup, but it is easy to cross over from healthy to unhealthy. Many people wonder whether the numbers going down on the scale means they're losing fat, and if the numbers are going up, whether they're gaining muscle.
Crackers, chips and other snacks, which are willing to snacking during and immediately after drinking alcohol immediately turn into fat on the stomach.

If you have a health question regarding your pet, their treatment or anything concerning their veterinary care, please call Vetco to consult with a veterinarian. This is a question that many body builders and those trying to lose weight (while gaining muscle) try to understand on the way to their goal weight.
Below you will find instructions what to avoid in order to quickly lose excess of fat on the stomach. In this video you'll be shown an easy and accurate way to tell exactly how much muscle you are gaining and how much fat you are losing! You really need to use both of these tools with body fat testing to know the truth and the whole truth.
When Tweaking Is OK If you don’t like how your progress looked last month, you can change directions ever so slightly (or a lot, if you really need a readjustment). You need to chart how much muscle you are gaining each week and then tailor how you eat and work out accordingly (so, if your desire is to look lean and not bulk up too much you probably want to scale down your weight lifting). A Personal Example I’ve tracked my own body fat and measurements consistently for the last three years. This might mean increased protein or more consistent training, focusing on the big lifts, or introducing some isolation movements.

Whatever – you need to evaluate the cause of your good or not-so-good progress and tweak as you go. If you’re serious about making long-term changes to your body, track your body fat, whether at home with calipers or at a Bod Pod (I did this last fall). This would explain why my waist and thigh circumference decreased, but my biceps and shoulders had decreased too.
But then I realized that I’d cut back on training those areas while I fixed a painful elbow and shoulder.
Long-Term Trends and the Big Picture Pretend you’re a red-tailed hawk flying far overhead (we see a lot of these in Colorado).

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