These images show dramatic before and after photos of people who dropped hundreds of pounds to become a literally new person.
HARD WORK: It takes guided supervision to lose a large amount of weight like Petranoff Smith did. But what's more, guided supervision can be attributed to weight-loss success "almost more than the exercise itself", she says.

One of the key differences between going to a gym and doing a supervised weight loss programme is, with the latter, diet is also monitored.
She says when Smith completed his 24-week programme at the centre, they referred him back to a PHO and ensured he was followed up with a home programme. Clients are referred by the MidCentral DHB or the Central PHO to undertake a 12 to 24-week exercise programme fully funded by the MidCentral DHB.

Services are provided by highly-qualified clinical exercise physiologists with support from UCOL post-graduate clinical exercise physiology students.

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