And before you say that's garbage, let me immediately give you the science behind my statement.
On the contrary, if you want to gain muscle mass you MUST eat slightly more calories than you burn.
Since there is NO WAY you can be both at the same time, there is NO WAY that you can gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously.
As I said this type of muscle gain while (most likely) deficient on calories may happen only in the beginning and only until the body adapts to the new stress.
If you are still reading this article I assume you are pass that point, so like I said this occasion shouldn't concern you. The second occasion is if you (well, not you of course) use banned medication of some type (steroids, hGH, IGF-1), which may cause muscle mass gain in a state of negative calorie balance. What happens in reality is instead of gaining muscle mass, or in other words increasing the circumference (or the number) of contractile tissue, you increase the water content in the muscle fiber. January 24, 2014 By Tony Schober, CPT Think exercising in the fat burning zone is the best way to burn fat? The fat burning zone is the idea that by exercising at a particular heart rate, typically between 55-70% of your max heart rate, you can burn more fat during your workout. While it is true that you burn a higher proportion of fat during your workout when exercising in the fat burning zone as compared to levels higher than that, a higher proportion during your workout doesn’t automatically equal more fat loss at the end of the day. If we wanted to burn the absolute highest proportion of fat, we should just rest, as that will predominantly use fat for fuel. What do you think is going to burn more fat over time: 1 hour of exercise at 60% max heart rate in which your burn 400 calories, or 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training at 90-100% of max heart rate in which you burn 600 calories? When comparing a 15 week HIIT program to 20 weeks of heart-rate training, the HIIT program produced a more significant reduction in body fat, even when exercising for a fraction of the time [1].

Now, before we completely demonize low to moderate-intensity exercise, we should make note that there is a time and a place for targeted heart rate training.
For example, if your goal is to be a long distance runner, then it would likely serve you better to do some energy system training at the heart rate you will running at.
In addition, there are only so many days a week you can include high-intensity exercise before you start causing excessive wear and tear on your body.
Personally, I’d rather cut a little food out of my diet than have to spend another hour each day exercising, but some people thrive on more activity. If your goal is to lose the most fat possible, take yourself beyond the fat burning zone, and focus on total calories burned. Share your name and email and I'll send you a FREE copy of my eBook - The 10 Forgotten Rules of Weight Loss.
For this reason, and because I am sick and tired of answering this question over and over, you are going to encounter the simple truth right now. In other words what goes in your body in terms of food and calories MUST be less than what you burn throughout your day. To some degree, I repeat, to some degree you may see muscle mass gained and fat being burned at the same time in only two occasions. Both of these ultimately produce a short term hypertrophy (muscle mass gain) in the beginner.
Any way, like I said that was just for your information, so that you don't get to ask this question again next time you see someone bulking up (or at least that's what's appearing on the surface) while getting leaner at the same time. Up until this moment science (still) has not given us a straight and useful answer of the question how to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.
The answer is the latter, as it will have created a larger energy deficit at the end of the day.

Whether or not you should do it will mostly depend on your fitness goals and exercise program. While HIIT does improve both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, sport specific training will be more beneficial.
It enables you to do more exercise, and burn more total calories so that you can maintain an energy deficit for weight loss. When I’m working out my highest I’ll hit is 170-175, should I be hitting higher?
And guess what happens later on when you (actually not you, may be someone else) get off of the "stuff"? Once you know for sure, go for it and don't let any distractions and uninformed thoughts get on the way. It burns very little calories when compared to how many your body burns the rest of the day. Fuel substrate use during exercise has very little effect on fat loss – calories burned is the major determining factor. We’re talking maybe 500 calories burned during your workout, but thousands the rest of the day.
I, too, thought and hoped that I can shorten my way to a better body by shedding fat while building muscle at the same time.

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