Keeping up appearances is high on the list of priorities for football WAGs, so it's unsurprising to see Steven Gerrard's wife Alex Curran carrying a box of Sea Kelp diet pills.
Sion Porter, a dietician from the British Dietetic Association, said: 'People mistakenly think that because these are natural tablets they must be harmless, but used in the wrong way they can be very dangerous. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. However, the 27-year-old could be setting a bad example to young women by purchasing the pills which have been blasted by health experts.

Food and Drug Department warn against the use of sea kelp tablets for weight loss.Last year Alex spoke in detail about her health kick after realising she was leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Alex was pictured leaving a health shop carrying the pills, after grabbing lunch at a Liverpool bistro. Promotes a sense of overall well-being & mood enhancement Thyroid Support Formula is not manufactured with wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, or tree nut ingredients Supports weight loss when used with proper diet. For use with the Formula One Diet Plan, Includes Allowable Foods List, Basic Diet Instructions Guide & Our Top Rated Customer Service.

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