It is true that injecting the hormone directly into the bloodstream provides a faster effect.
On the other hand, diet drops are easier to take, less expensive, and can be taken orally without professional supervision. If you plan on losing weight effectively, simply take the required amounts every day and stick to the diet protocol. However, it is less convenient and usually requires the assistance of a trained health professional. Exercise is one the most common ways to trim down body fat, but not all people have the time to go to the gym or do muscle work out at home.

If you have a phobia for needles, then it would definitely make you more hesitant to use HCG.
Simply pour several drops of the product under the tongue and the blood vessels in that area will absorb the active ingredients easily. If you want to learn more about certain products available, it is a good idea to read reviews first. Some of the best include increased libido, uniform fat redistribution, weight loss without exercise, and the like.
You can customize your daily food menu as long as you stick to the required caloric intake.

Make sure that you read reviews provided on this website to learn more about the best brands available online before making a purchase.

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