Africa Natto, Ganoderma, Lucidum, Ginseng, Fructus Mume, Euryale, Ferox seeds, Poria Cocos, Semen, Pruni, Chinese Yam, Cassis Seed and Wheat Germo other herbal essence. Nor applicable for people with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart disease or any chronic illnesses and women in pregnancy or lactation. 1 Day Diet is specially designed to effectively suppress appetite, block the absorption of dietary fat, control fat intake, accelerate metabolism, drive away trash and toxin, and burn fat especially in ABS, thighs and buns.

Speed up the fat consumption: The biotical side can quickly burn fat and speed up the ATP circulation rate to boost the fat decomposing rate.
Block fat absorption: Increase satiety by inhibition reuptake of 5-HT, decrease the absorption of dietary fat and guarantee enough intake of daily essential nutrients.
Accelerate the fat decomposing rate: The lipolysis enzyme inside can actively decompose the fat in waist, belly, hip and thighs and reduce the waist size.

Clinical tests have shown that it is safe and has no side effect, no rebound or no diarrhea.

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