GARCINIA CAMBOGIA is fast becoming the weight loss rage across the USA, Japan, Europe and around the world. The Powerhouse Beverage Company was founded in August 2012 and have since been manufacturing, distributing and marketing iQ Juice. As makers of iQ Juice we are focused on producing natural juice products utilizing medicinal herbs and plants that have ultimate health benefits.
I am a not so typical, unstereotypical 20something year old lady who is trying to make my mark on this planet. I’ve heard about these pressed juice drinks and always wondered what the difference was.
I honestly rarely drink juice, but these sound like a really good healthy option for those who do. I have never heard of these before but I could really use the Rise Up and the Memory drinks!!
I agree with you that I am on a health kick this Spring–probably because I have been so cold and grumpy in Chicago that warm decadent meals made me feel a bit better. Awe man, weren’t those the days…when you could eat endless amounts of food and never have to worry about a scale? A groundbreaking nutritional juice that belongs to a niche segment of the beverage market titled functional beverages.
How iQ Juice differs from most 'health' drinks is they contain substantial dosages of active functional ingrediants that are effective for fat burning, brain health, natural energy and immunity. Well maybe I should say whats right with me we should all try to aspire to live a healthier lifestyle.
I wanted to showcase to them that you are what you eat drink and consuming these juices would be great nutrients to have to consume for a healthier life.
Most juices on the market are unpasteurized,  in which these juices have a shorter shelf life and are more susceptible to being contaminated with harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast.
Well according to the brand, iQ juice is a smart juice for it harnesses nature’s intelligence and give you a delicious way to nourish the body and mind.

Juicing cleanses are very popular today, seems like everyone around me has being trying a juice cleanse.
Clinical research has proven it helps with digestion while its anti-bacterial properties assist in destroying harmful bacterial in the stomach. This blog has many aspect through my visual perspective through photos, words & wittiness. I’m not much of a carbonated or sugary drink drinker either so having a healthier option with a long shelf-life is appealing! For me, I personally like to eat my calories over drinking them, so I’m conscious also about the beverages that I consume.
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Our iQ Juices are packed full of wholesome ingrediants sourced from around the world that are beneficial to continued health and well being. I will say I have never been much of a carbonated drinker and I hate drinks that are made from concentrate. Yes even your believed preium super juices can be considered unpasteurized and as healthy as it sounds, many of them are loaded with lots of sugar. The founders started this brand because they were looking for holistic plant-based remedies for their mother who had Alzhiemer’s. Some people do juice cleanses as meal supplements to detoxify the body and flush out impurities.
According to studies, green tea has been used for millineas and is one of the most powerful super foods available. Each of the juices in the collection are catered to your mood or what you would like to accomplish with your health and body. I am big on taste and just because it has a mixture of fruits and vegetables doesn’t mean it has to have an acquired taste. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life for our fellow human beings through offering natural, great tasting products.

Before juicing and smoothies was a “thing” (Im such a hipster) I was heavy on those and I still am! I also put cute tags and paper straws on all of the juices in spirit of V-day because I am festive like that (V-Day is my favorite holiday). I didn’t use this juice as a meal supplement, because I need to eat I will be honest, but drinking this with meals is just as effective. Green Tea is also high in antioxidants which has many benefits and powerful cleansing properties to help remove toxins from the body.
But I have been craving more…so I started to do research on cold-pressed juices and started to follow an account on Instagram. Besides the juices at this party, all of the girls had to give each other Valentine Day Cards and candy and we did a cute Secret Cupid exchange.
This juice increases metabolism to help the body burn fat and four times faster than average (teenage metabolism is back yay). I know some people like pulp, I like it in my orange juice at a minimum but I like a clean fluid juice.
The company is called IQ Juices and they were kind enough to sponsor some drinks for my friends from my past Galentine’s #50ShadesofRed Lunch + Movie this year. Great branding on that…who doesn’t want to know the true benefits of drinking a beverage? I live in Atlanta, there are very few and in between Juice Bars in my area and not a lot of places I can get cold pressed juices. I do my research, I look at the back of labels and actually look at what I am going to intake.
This isn’t a sponsored post this is me because serious and hopefully share with you all my revelation on cold-pressed juices and inspire you to drink smarter too!

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