Making exercise a priority this morning felt especially satisfying after a long weekend of camping up north with family and friends. The older I am, and the more I do maintain a regular fitness regimen, I also seem to have a better understanding of my body — how it reacts to certain foods, the amount of sleep I get, the way mental stress can throw me emotionally for a loop.
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Heather will be there cheering on runners, including her family - Emma is running her first half marathon! I packed my running shoes, but didn’t end up wearing them except to avoid muddy feet around the camp fire the morning after a thunderstorm.
We care more about feeling great, about being able to do the things we want to do, rather than how we may look on the outside. We did a small hike with the kids, but spent much of the time playing in the outdoor pool (no, this trip wasn’t rustic camping), exploring the village of Indian River (who knew this is where the headquarters for Michigan Chillers books is located?) and eating.

All that calmness and peacefulness that comes with taking good care of yourself just comes out in people, it seems. But two weeks of regular early-morning running–this is pretty impressive for me come summer.

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