The JNL Fusion DVD system will spark your metabolism and ignite your fat burn, all in 30 minutes a day.
Thinking about when I first started to see the physical transformation just puts shivers on my body. Home Shopping Mall is proud to announce the exclusive launch of the innovative SlimAction hosiery in the UK & Ireland this Summer! The JNL Gym NYC features a program designed for maximum fat burning and body sculpting know as the Fusion Method. The program can be tailored to fit any client - male or female, young or mature, seasoned athlete to fitness novice. One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to sticking to a fitness routine is that they struggle to stay motivated, and they get bored. So, what if you could get one workout system that provides enough variation and challenge for you to stick to it? The JNL Fusion Workout is a DVD system that you can follow along with in the comfort of your own home. The power of the program lies in its combination of moderate weight lifting, combined with challenging cardio exercises. Fusion Basics: A welcome DVD that introduces the program and prepares you for what is to come. Crazy Circuit Cardio: This challenging set of exercises will up your heart rate and burn fat. You also get some decent bonus discs that focus mostly on the abs and core muscles, as well as workout calendar, meal plan guide and a fitness guide. You can expect to build lean muscle and burn a lot of fat on this system, while also achieving a high level of fitness. The typical real world results from people using the program ranges between 12 pounds and 75 pounds of weight loss. Suffice it to say that anyone who seriously participates in the JNL Fusion Workout, and sticks to it for at least 8 weeks, will have a much improved appearance and elevated fitness levels at the end of it.
The majority of people who invest in the JNL Fusion system love it and experience great results.

The standout feature of the program, also mentioned by many buyers, is the way it keeps you engaged with fast, short and varied exercises. There are a few negatives we need to highlight that prevents the JNL system from being perfect. For the best support and easiest transaction, buy the product directly from the JNL Fusion website. This JNL Fusion workout program is great for anyone that wants to lose weight and burn fat. Jennifer became an icon for women when she inspired them with her 80 pound weight loss success story. Jennifer Nicole Lee quotes, “Whether you have a lot of weight to lose, or just a little, want to tone up a bit, or increase your endurance level, you will achieve all of your fitness goals with JNL Fusion. Created by International fitness celebrity, Jennifer Nicole Lee, this program includes 12 power-packed workouts based off the science of Super-Spiking.
Private one on one sessions and small group classes can be accommodated through the JNL Fusion Gym at Phyt NYC.
JNL is an acronym for Jennifer Nicole Lee, an internationally renowned fitness model and author who will be your guide and instructor. She wasn’t always a fitness bunny, and weighed a hefty 200 pounds after the birth of her second child. Don’t be too concerned with just losing pounds, as much of the fat you lose will be replaced by attractive lean muscle. The typical result for the standard 8 weeks cycle of the program seems to be a loss of around 12 pounds and 8 inches.
It will currently cost you 3 payments of $39.95, along with a small shipping and handling fee.
It is fast, doesn’t take up a lot of time every day and keeps you interested throughout with short, intense exercises. It is a great product because this one system will get your heart rate pumping, muscles burning and fat melting off of the body.
The company will even throw in a workout calendar to help you track how well you are doing.

With Super-Spiking, JNL combines 30 seconds of strength training followed by a 30 second cardio burst to elevate your heart rate, get your muscles burning, and melt off ugly fat! My passion for fitness stems from my own personal experience overcoming yo-yo dieting, emotional eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while balancing a hectic schedule. This workout system has quickly gathered a fanatical group of followers who are achieving great results with it.
So, it doesn’t take up a lot of your time, and the constant switching between exercises keeps things interesting while continuously challenging your body. Your personal results will of course depend on your body, your current level of fitness and how hard you push yourself. You should always do these before and after engaging in tough exercise, but we would have liked for them to be included in the package instead of leaving the viewer to perform their own warm ups and cool downs.
While some may find her chatter and catchphrase shouting motivating, others may find it unbearable.
It is not the cheapest program out there, but for many video fitness junkies, this has been the only one they’ve been able to stick to. Says find something to help energize you but start slow and build from thete im on a fixed income and cant afford any thing like this what would suggest. Included with the dvd workout system are a 14 day rapid makeover system, a ab workout system and a weight measurement chart. Each JNL Fusion Fitness System includes 12 Super Spiking Workout DVDs, a Meal Guide, Fitness Guide, plus Four FREE Bonuses: the Workout Calendar, 14 Day Extreme Rapid Makeover, the Kiss My Abs DVD, and the Measurement History Card. By joining this Fusion Family you'll not only get a an intense workout, you'll have a support network with a weight loss sponsor.
The bicep builder, fat blast and upperbody transformer are the next three building dvds and finally the last three are a speed and agility dvd, a short on time 10 minute workout and then a fusion stretch workout.

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