The above is enough for a full 16 weeks, please be aware that ?90.50 is a monthly cost while the package is enough for 4 months. This is my 3 Phase Plan that consists of 16 weeks of good nutrition and my fat blasting exercise routines. I drink many shakes per dayby IMjustRAWYes, food is better, but I don't always have time to eat 6 - 8 small meals per day. How many shakes you consume per day depends on your daily nutrition goals, and how much protein you need to supplement, if any. Juice Plus+ Complete is a whole-food-based beverage mix that provides balanced nutrition in every scoop.

Anthrax-tainted letters were sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and to anchorman Tom Brokaw.
If after a few weeks you decide that this isn’t for you then you can return the remainder of your package (at your expense) and you will get a refund of the unused part of your plan. Please like or share our Facebook page if you can, the more people that know about this excellent weight loss program the better. Once we run out we will take this part of the message from here so while it’s here the offer is on. You will receive a nutrition plan based on the wholefood Juice Plus shake which will provide you with an abundance of plant proteins and antioxidants to give a body boosting experience.

Anthrax bacteria was found in a Senate mail room and 24 of Senator Daschle's staff tested positive for exposure to the disease.

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