Update – July 2015: Since this interview was first published Kitten has shed an additional 50 pounds, bringing her total weight loss to 300 pounds (over 21 stone)! The horrible stares I would get in public and because it was hard to walk up and down steps I chose to stay home and not leave my house. I was ready for change I couldn’t bare the way my life and health was and my Cubs deserved better. Kitten the Juice Pirate: The biggest change is I am now aware of what is in processed foods and the importance of eating plants to get the nutrients we don’t get when consuming processed foods.
Neil Martin: Since you started juicing what have you found most challenging and how did you deal with this challenge? Kitten the Juice Pirate: I was an emotional eater in a marriage that was ending and that was very hard. Neil Martin: If you could go back in time and give just one piece of advice to your formal self, what would it be? Kitten the Juice Pirate: If i could go back in time I would tell myself the importance of a plant based life style and how much it would benefit my Cubs and me. Neil Martin: Did you have any specific health issues before juicing and how have these changed since you started juicing?. Kitten the Juice Pirate: After I lost the first 60 pounds my health issues stated getting better. Neil Martin: Which do you think is more essential to health and wellbeing, exercise or diet and nutrition? Kitten the Juice Pirate: I truly believe the most important thing is nutrition and diet, and then exercise . Kitten the Juice Pirate: Now I have one green juice and one fruit juice and a plant based meal.
Kitten the Juice Pirate: Most of my family have been vegan since Thanksgiving and loving it. Neil Martin: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about adding juicing to their life? Kitten the Juice Pirate: I would tell them how I truly believe it will change their life for the better. Neil Martin: If you were stuck on a desert island with a working juicer and blender and an unlimited supply of just 6 ingredients, what would those ingredients be? Kitten the Juice Pirate: I would hope to be stuck with pineapple, cucumber , orange, ginger, celery and grapefruit.
I love making a juice that has 2 oranges, half a pineapple, one grapefruit and an inch of ginger.

Subscribe To Natural Juice JunkieWant the latest information and exclusive offers and recipes? Hi, I’m trying to lose weight for a long time, I play sports, take diet pills, but it did not help me.
The Mindset & Motivation Manual includes a ton of high-quality and usable mindset and motivational tips, tricks, tools and secrets to not only get the ball rolling, but to ensure you stick with your diet and keep all your lost weight off forever! A combination of following a plant base diet and juicing as well as implementation of daily exercise has been KEY to all the changes in my life and can relate with Kitten The Juice Pirate!
Prompted by the official UK premiere of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I’ve spent the last few days posting about juicing.
My 2013 miles in 2013 challenge is in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust as I have been surprised since I started fundraising for the CF Trust just how many people are unaware of this disease and so I hope my efforts will not just raise money, but also awareness of the UK’s most most common life-threatening inherited disease.
The first person to commit to sponsoring my 2013 mile challenge has committed to 1p per mile (?20.13 in total) and this got me thinking.
To complete my 2013 miles I will be running, cycling, rowing and who knows, I might even try a few other self powered methods along the way. Kitten, a single mother from Colorado, US has lost approximately that same amount of weight since she starting juicing in May 2011.
She says “I lost my health and spent the majority of my life depressed , sick and my heart hurting. Mom, Dad and I started our juice reboot after watching Joe Cross’ movie “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”. We followed some Joe Cross recipes and Jay Kordich recipes, also mom researched and found a bunch of recipes that we used till we found our favorites.
No more headaches, no more crutches.My leg is normal, my skin cleared up, no more mood swings. I would show myself what would happen if I didn’t learn about our foods and how I my family would be healthier if we stayed away from processed foods and started eating whole grains and beans and plants. After I lost my first 100 most all my health issues I was suffering with had cleared up and gone away.
It’s your mindset and your internal motivation that get you the physical changes you want to see.
I can’t say enough good things about this program and all the tools that are provided to help you reach your goals. This has included a prompt to join the Big Summer Juice Detox and sharing one of my favourite recipes from Jason Vale’s 7lbs in 7 days juice detox programme. In the after picture my weight loss had doubled and I had lost more than 5 stone (70 pounds) in total.

It is has been 10 years since my cousin’s son Adam lost his fight with Cystic Fibrosis.
I am hoping that as many as possible of those reading this will commit to do the same and the best thing is, if each person does this on a “pay as you go” type approach all you will need to part with is approx ?2 just after each pay day.
I grew up thinking as long as you ate some greens and meat and milk you were getting enough nutrients . Dad was able to drink most of it but we all thought it was horrible specially since it made mom and I sick. Your diet just made sense and showed me that everything I was doing was wrong and a waste of my time. This manual will give you the techniques to focus on your goals and remain motivated throughout The 3 Week Diet and beyond into your everyday life. Later on the Internet at one of the forums for weight loss, I was advised to try Garcinia, then I heard about this tool for the first time. Thank you for sharing it with us.Reducing your appetite, blocking fat from being made, and improving serotonin levels in your body are just a couple of exciting breakthroughs learned about Garcinia Cambogia!
The podcasts are a wealth of knowledge that really help you understand what you should focus on, the community is full of great people who are always supportive and encouraging and the workouts are absolutely amazing.
Today I decided to share another before and after picture of myself – my weight loss is largely due to making juicing part of my lifestyle.
Adam was just 18 years old when when he lost his lifelong battle with CF, the UK’s most common life-threatening inherited disease.
I took my cubs (children) and moved to start fresh and try and work on getting my self healthier. So being an emotional eater going through a rough spot the food choices were high starch and sugar. Despite spending large parts of his short life in hospital Adam never once complained, not even of a headache and was determined to make the most of everyday. Mom is super researcher and didn’t want to lose us and she came across Joe Cross’ movie [Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead] and the benefits of juicing. Also during the reception Garcinia I ran in the morning and 20 minutes a day practicing at home.

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