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The goal of the workout is to complete a ladder of consecutive, unbroken repetitions of either skips or double unders. A very intense form of jump rope skipping – the rope must pass under the feet twice per jump.
When you join over 9,000 trainers and sign up to our email updates, we'll send you a new workout or idea each week. Not many of my crew were advanced with double unders so I modified by adding in stages up to 140 and 180 and before working backwards. Get the free 21 Days of Bootcamp Ideas course chock full of workout ideas and tips for planning awesome workouts.
Unique exercises, workouts and drills for using car tyres and battling ropes to help your bootcamp stand out from the rest. Though these Pioneer Chairs are perfect for outside use, they’d probably look cool in your living room too.
Thorogood make high-quality boots at an affordable price, right here in the US and have done so for a long time.
We’ve been using these bronze Book Darts to mark important book passages from our library for years.
Handmade in Santa Cruz, California by Jule Amps, the Sweet Sue is an exquisite 5 watt class A tube guitar amplifier.

Handmade in Santa Cruz, California by the wife-husband team that is Strawfoot, this waxed cotton canvas waist apron is both attractive and extremely useful with it’s two large front pockets. Make sure that the children in your life know more about typography than the neighbor’s kids with this set of House Industries Neutraface Slab alphabet blocks.
Besides a good pair of work jeans and boots, gloves are essential whether you’re pulling up weeds in the backyard or grinding knives like Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn. Whether cooking in the kitchen or making a mess in the garage, it’s always a good idea to keep an apron around. Brothers Chris and Kirk Bray aka Billykirk have been making some of the finest leather goods in the US for over a decade.
This attractive canvas, men’s military style coat is made in San Francisco by Golden Bear exclusively for Unionmade. When our friend at the research and design group The City Foundry told us that he and his mates were working out making vodka with beet sugar, we had no idea that they were about to re-imagine the distilling process.
There are 9 sets to complete and the number of reps in each set will vary depending on fitness level. To learn double unders, start by skipping normally and attempt to do a double under on every 3rd jump ie. Their parent brand, the Weinbrenner Shoe Company has been manufacturing since 1892 and currently employs over 300 people. The Le Petite Singularite DIY Kit comes with everything you’ll need to make your own special, little terrarium world — a great gift item.

While their products often have a masculine lean, this stylish looking hat appears more like the kind of thing we’d expect to see on a young Faye Dunaway. Hint: If you have done 2 or more consecutive double unders in the practice then you are not a beginner. Beginners and Intermediates who do complete the challenge should begin the challenge again on the next level up. If you order before the end of 2012, she’ll donate 100% of the proceeds to Restore NYC, an organization dedicated to the care of NYC women who are survivors of sex trafficking. The folks at Tanner Goods of Portland have a knack for keeping design simple and letting the beauty of the leather showoff. Not only does he develop and design for brands, he’s created several of his own including one that makes rather handsome snowboards. Before all of that though, he played minor league ball in the system of our hometown Philadelphia Phillies. The company also custom makes each item to order in the USA and offers free engraving of the player’s name.

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