Universal Studios announced they were postponing production on the seventh Fast & Furious movie just one day after the death of lead actor Paul Walker. As of today it is being reported that Universal Studios does intend to complete production of the movie in anticipation of its original July 11th release date. Despite the apparent delay of production, the premier date is still listed as July 11, 2014. Dominic Patten of Deadline Hollywood reports that sources close to the production team of Fast & Furious 7 stated that there were no plans to permanently halt production of the film. In an interview with TMZ, director James Wan says that there are no plans to stop production of Fast & Furious.
A viral rumor circulates suggesting that pop super-star Justin Bieber would step in to replace Walker as the movie’s lead, either as a younger iteration of Brian O’Conner or as a junior family member. The rumor seems to have begun with comments from Fast & Furious co-star Ludacris stating that he would like to see his friend Bieber play a part in the movie.
The rumors included reports that the studio was seriously considering scripting Cody as a body double, even stating that CGI would be used to fine tune his appearance in the final scenes of the movie.
Social media is abuzz about the next installment in the franchise and it has been said that the July, 2014 release is the most talked about premier of the upcoming movie season. I am not a writter, but as a fan of Paul Walker, I was thinking about an idea do know if the writter can take in consideration.

There is no sign that any of the rumors that Bieber would replace Walker had any substance. For the seventh installment of the popular series, Justin Wan takes over as director from Justin Lin, who is involved with other projects now.
Wan told TMZ this week that although production has temporarily come to a halt, it will continue and the movie will be made. About half of the scenes O’Conner was due to appear in have been filmed, making an exit problematic but not entirely impossible. Universal has no plans to abandon the movie and the studio was still committed to the July 11, 2014 release date. Reported to be a stuntman and no stranger to movie production, articles circulated that he was seriously thinking about filling in for his older sibling. Other speculations stated that Universal was going to re-write Brian O’Conner out of the movie with his death and bring Cody in as a family member to finish the story line. Universal Studios is on record on at least two occasions stating that Fast & Furious 7 is a go. The speculation about who will step into the role, how Brian O’Connor should be cast—or if he should be casted at all—will all but guarantee that, until the details are released, Fast & Furious 7 will continue to be the most anticipated installment of an already highly successful franchise. The people can accept this and we keep respect the role of Brian without loosing his popularity.

The Rainbow Sheikh’s Collection (or more formally known as Emirates National Auto Museum) is in its own league. Bieber fans are elated and believe that the young singer-sometimes-actor would do justice to the part and honor Paul Walker’s memory. His strong physical resemblance, despite the fact that he is 15 years junior to Paul, istouted as enough reason to take the rumor seriously. Both the company and the film’s director have stated unequivocally that the show will go on. Whether he picks and chooses which cars make the cut or simply grabs anything he finds cool, here’s a look at some of the most unique. A rumor linking Bieber to "Fast & Furious 7 doesn't have any substance, and would come as a shock if it were true. More ardent fans of the Fast & Furious franchise are not as supportive of Justin in the role.

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