August 23, 2012 Fitness, kettlebells, Skill of Strength, Workouts 4 CommentsI needed (okay, more like wanted) an efficient workout Tuesday morning.
I spent about 15 minutes warming up and doing some turkish get ups before deciding on a quick kettlebell swing ladder and snatch ladder workout. My little man woke up just as I finished and we took a 20 minute walk before eating breakfast and heading out for a play date.
If you like the workouts that I post, but don’t know how to swing a kettlebell, I highly recommend you sign up for a workshop at SOS. Or in the very least a kettlebell workout that shouldn’t be done on your wood or tiled floor because if you are like me you might drop the bell once. We filmed this kettlebell workout at Sleeping Dunes National Lakeshore where we climbed the dunes. Journey with our family on the road at Newschool Nomads as we travel fulltime in RV through the United States. I'm so happy you stopped by my little corner of the web where I write about fitness, food, and amazing women I "meet". 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout – Ohio Sometimes you only have time for a 10 minute kettlebell workout. Another Kettlebell Workout Video from that Crazy Traveling Workout Girl- New Jersey Unfortunately, I'm running out of title ideas for my kettlebell workout videos. Get Your Swing on Kettlebell Workout – New Hampshire Another kettlebell workout two weeks in a row?!?! Short and Strong Double Kettlebell Workout -South Dakota Before we get to the double kettlebell workout let's play a little game!
This looks pretty brutal, fun but brutal Looks like a beautiful day at Lake Michigan too, bet you had a blast.
Finding time to workout is supposedly one of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to fitness. Still, if I could give you some tips to really find time anyway, then you might find yourself motivated more anyway.
Also, just like the basketball player who dribbles the ball around the house to keep his skills up, you could do the same with a kettlebell. I’ve always been more into toning and looking fit than putting on huge bulk anyway, so this favors smaller, consistent exercise anyway. Instead of thinking how to find the time to workout, or wondering when your workload will ease, why not take a different approach?

I used to hate going to the gym because it took time to travel there and back, and once I got there, I’d either have to adjust my routine based on what equipment was free, or wonder what exactly to do next. Subscribe to our newsletter and every time a new post goes live, we’ll send you an email.
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Kettlebell Swings: Start with kettlebell on the floor between your legs and lift it up to starting position with both hands, flat back, using your legs to lift.
Figure 8 Squats: Start standing with feet a little more than hip width apart, holding the kettlebell in one hand.
Lorna Jane also sent me their 2015 Move Nourish Believe Diary which is essentially a weekly planner with healthy recipes, workouts and pictures thrown in. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Just something that is an increase in your daily activity levels is a good start (and a great platform for further increase).
If you are able to do a few basic exercises daily (or every other day), then that’s great. Consistency is far more important here, so find out what you can keep up consistently, and then go keep it up consistently. I've been using Kettlebells for over two years, and am a firm believer that men and women can do very similar routines and exercises, yet get the different results they desire. With kettlebell hanging between your legs, use your arms as a pendulum, and swing the bell to chest-to-eye level by thrusting with your hips while keeping your core tight as you stand up straight. Squat down, and as you do, pass the bell through your legs to the other hand, tracing half of a figure 8. I was super excited about the top because black zip-ups are such a wardrobe essential—gym, running errands, grabbing lunch on the weekends. To go along with it, LJ has the Move Nourish Believe site that covers all things health and fitness (sort of like an online magazine meets blog)–check it out! I'm Nicole, a group fitness instructor, healthy lifestyle blogger (you probably figured that one out by now) and Certified Personal Trainer living in Boston, MA.
Then I did a strength workout on Monday so by Tuesday I wanted something quick and not too tough on my body. Yes, they are just another workout tool, but you can use them for so many different exercises and can complete a great workout in very little time, still burning a butt-load of calories.

And for what it’s worth, I am not astute enough to tell that your form was anything less than stellar the whole time. Try following the scorcher series DVD set to make sure you’re getting the most from it.
I was going to take a class at Btone later that night before teaching, but needed to do something before gluing my butt to my desk chair. In particular, this Beetroot Crust Pizza looks delish and I loved this article comparing cold press juicers to centrifugal juicers. Check out a few previous posts about why I think kettlebells rock for new moms, and why I think kettlebells are better than running. Team this with an adjustable kettlebell that uses the same weight plates and you’re in business.The kettlebell is a Russian innovation and has been used for years by Russian athletes and military personnel to perform explosive exercises that enhance cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, core and full body strength. I enjoy most things but some of my favorites are reading, acting, camping, cooking, music, writing, traveling, and being in the moment with my favorite people! I'm hoping to make a few pennies off of a product I have used, enjoy, and would recommend to a friend.
Building a habit is hard, a lot of the time I tried to do it, I’d fail before I got there. For the side bends, split up your reps (for example, during the first round, you’d do 25 to the right and 25 to the left). Your knees should remain slightly bent, but the main source of movement is hinging at the hips—not so much squatting.
Squat back down, finishing the figure 8 shape around your legs as you pass the kettlebell through your legs to the starting hand. In addition to the items I’m wearing, I wanted to share some of my other favorite picks from the brand (just in time for holiday shopping wink wink). It’s also okay to set the bell back on the ground to start your swings after your around the body. Lastly, I noticed near the end I was getting tired and I wasn’t dropping my hips during my squat and instead I was dropping my chest a little.

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