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The master cleanse or the Laxatives, then lemon-cayenne pepper and maple syrup diet became a widely followed diet after being adopted by Beyonce Knowles to lose weight for her role in ‘Dreamgirls’. A diet trend that took Hollywood by storm, it promoted eating pureed carrots, mashed bananas and other baby food as replacement for regular meals to control calorie intake. Made popular by Elvis Presley, this strange diet requires you to get sedated for several days! Quite a popular trend, this diet has a strong set of followers who believe that this diet is the answer to all food related problems in the world.
A highly disconcerting fad, this diet became very popular among models striving to achieve the harshly criticized zero figure. I hate the word fletcherism something about that word just gives me a cringingly embarrassing feeling. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The LA Weight Loss diet is an affordable andflexible dieting program created for those whoare looking to lose weight and ultimatelymaintain a healthier lifestyle.
The LA Weight Loss diet program helps differentindividuals from all over to achieve their shedding poundsgoals while still being able to enjoy eating delicious foods.Those who have started the diet will be given a menuplan.
With prescribed standards of beauty for women propagated by waif-like models and actresses, and six pack abs for men, the pressure to look good couldn’t get any higher.
Also called Fletcherism, it owes its origin to an American named Horace Fletcher, as a way to lose weight. Written by Seth Roberts, this weight loss diet book which became a bestseller in 2006, however strange, has had documented cases wherein it has been shown to work.
The general idea behind this weird diet is to detoxify the body and take a break from solid food.
Created by Tracy Anderson, a celebrity trainer, the calorie limitation per day is at 600 calories. It follows the premise that the body does not consume any calories when you are sleeping, so the several days you are out, you will not require food and burn your calorie reserves, thus apparently leading to weight loss. This diet or Breatharian movement, as it has now become, was started by Ellen Greve who called herself Jasmuheen. This trend was revealed by aspiring model Bria Murphy, actor Eddie Murphy’s daughter, amidst shock and disgust. Developed  by Dr Roger Linn in the 1970s, it was also called the last chance diet, since it was considered an extreme, last chance resort after all other diets had failed.
This diet which has become quite popular, promises quick weight loss by taking HCG injections in combination with a food plan for consuming just 500-800 calories per day!
Capable of producing millions of eggs these worms can grow up to a length of 20 feet or more! For those who arelooking to make a change in their diet andlifestyle, starting the LA Weight Loss dietingprogram is a big step toward reaching that goal.Many people that have been on this diet haveseen results in just as little as one week. An individual on this dietprogram will learn different techniques on howto keep their weight at the right number. Any nutritionist or fitness expert will tell  you to lose your weight and stay healthy by regular exercise and holding out on the junk and sugar, but with terrible work hours, and general lifestyle or just laziness, new, innovative or absolutely stupid diets have been coming up to cause apparent wonder fat reduction!
This diet propagates the belief that food must be chewed numerous times until all the nutrients enter your body, and the rest of the fibrous material should be spit out.

It works on the theory that eating mushy; semi solid baby food in controlled amounts will prevent overeating and keep you full with smaller portions. Though at most it can help you catch up your sleep, there has been no concrete proof that this diet actually works. This diet includes eating cotton balls dipped in orange juice to curb hunger and feel full. HCG is used to increase the metabolic rate of women during pregnancy and this diet believes that it would do the same in non pregnancy as well thus leading to weight loss. The diet involves intentionally ingesting tapeworm usually in the cyst stage in the form of pills or raw meat and then taking medication to kill it on day 85.
These healthier meals can be made with all differenttypes of food items that can be found in your localgrocery store.
Anorexia and bulimia have gained popularity in recent times and the attempt is on to spread awareness among teenagers about eating disorders; yet there are several diets that defy plain common sense, which show that people can go to huge lengths to lose weight!
The side effects of this diet included having to use the loo only twice a week to excrete which was generally odorless!
The cleanse concoction is made by mixing 2 table spoons of lemon and a table spoon of maple syrup(preferably organic) with water and a small amount of cayenne pepper. There is no evidence that it actually works or that it is healthy for that matter, since baby food, though rich in nutrients is made for requirements of babies; not adults. Some of the glaring and obvious concerns about this diet are how are you going to do it in the first place; apart from finding the time to remain sedated and do absolutely nothing, it is also a challenge to obtain access to drugs for the sedation, no medical practitioner will hand out to you for a so called diet. A spiritual movement, it says that the human body receives its nutrition from the sun, water, air and ‘prana’ meaning life force in Sanskrit. Apart from the glaring fact that this diet has absolutely no nutritional value leading to long term malnutrition and low metabolism, it is dangerous and ridiculous to say in the least. The idea behind the diet was to put your body in starvation mode by not eating food at all.
With lacking scientific proof and ineffectiveness of HCG to lose weight in clinical trials, this irrational diet can pose health threats due to gallstone formation, irregular heartbeat and electrolyte imbalance due to severe calorie restriction.
Basically the diet tells you to eat whatever you want because the tapeworm is going to absorb it anyway, helping you lose weight. If a person eats right kind and amount of food his weight will likely be under control and that he will likely feel fresh every single day. The best part about the menu plan is that itis full of food that is not only healthy but there is also avariety on the menu and the food actually tastes good.Aside from the menu plan, a person on this diet will alsoconsume two LA Lite bars each day.
These factors include the activity levelof each individual, how much time they have todevote to exercising each day, and several otherfactors. After working so hard to get rid of the unwantedweight, it surely would be unfortunate to gain it all back.
This mixture is supposed to be taken about ten to twelve times in a day which starts and ends by taking laxatives to clear your system. The low calorie intake will cause exhaustion and leave you unable to do any exercise, which may result in flabby skin due to the weight loss. Even if you do manage to perform this diet the concept of starving yourself by way of sleep is not only damaging but simply outrageous. Firstly, eating a cotton ball could not only trigger gagging, it could cause liquids to enter into the lungs when you try to cough the fibres out. Instead a drink called as Prolinn was advocated, which was a pure protein drink made of raw leather, horns, entails, tendons and ligaments since it was easily digestible and just enough to sustain you. The use of HCG containing weight loss products have been banned by the FDA, but some crazy dieters still continue to take injections. Sounds very enticing, but although a parasite might help people lose weight due to diarrhea, loss of appetite and low calorie absorption, tapeworms also steal essential vitamins causing sickness. It isimportant for each individual on this dieting program toremember why he or she started it in the first place.
This kind of a diet is detrimental since excess chewing can lead to dental problems such as gum disease and cavities, and also lack of solid food can cause the stomach lining to get damaged due to acidity. Having flavourless food such as sugar water or oil, which still have calories makes you feel full hence lowering your set point, eventually lowering your weight.

A ten day diet, it drastically reduces the metabolic rate and lacks essential nutrients and proteins and can make you sick if your immunity is weak. According to experts, people will not be able to follow this diet for more than a week, since not only is baby food not so good on your taste buds but also due of its severe restrictions it cannot be continued for long term weight loss.
However spiritual the intentions, it is ridiculous to assume that humans can live as plants. Secondly cotton balls are not easy to digest; they can cause bowel obstruction, twisting of intestines as well as necrosis of the bowel which could require surgery. These drinks were available in containers in stores, and of course artificial sweeteners and colours were added to make it more flavourable. Another condition that your body may be exposed to is Ascites, wherein the body’s immune response to a parasitic infection can cause fluid retention in the abdomen causing it to swell. The LAWeight Loss diet program not only helps people to lose theunwanted weight, the program also helps to teach people alldifferent types of tips and techniques to achieving an overallhealthier lifestyle.
Every dieter’s dream, It Sounds too good to be true since it offers no restriction on anything you want to eat and no exercise! The lack of food can cause dangerous chemical imbalance, but more importantly dehydration due to the lack of water causes kidney failure, seizures, permanent brain damage and organ failure, leading to death!
During that time there were about 26 deaths caused due to cardiac problems because of the Prolinn diet. If that isn’t enough, these parasites can actually enter your brain through the bloodstream in a condition called Cysticercosis, causing blindness and even death! We all have friends, neighbours, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, etc, surely one of them people could be overweight. It has been criticized for being an experimental diet with no scientific research to validate it. Though there are several people who swear they have lived off on the sun for years with the occasional fast-break, there have been reports of many more who have died.
Not only was the amount of protein in the drink not enough for sustenance, but also the chemicals used as preservatives may have elevated heart disease risks. I am sure you won't ever only lose weight but in addition transform your both mental and physical well-being when you go through with this program. Not only will you look and feel better with thisspecific diet but you will also be improving your healthtremendously by keeping the weight off.
History of LA Weight Loss shows that these programs have become successful in attempts to shed pounds fast and safely. When you join a weight loss program, your own nutritionist will help in designing a meal plan depending on specific factors for example weight, gender, activity level, needs and wants. Weight Loss proudly counts greater than 2 millions success sories from around the globe to its credit.
LA Weight Loss pairs you with suitable counselors and nutritionists to help you accomplish what you eat goals. As your progress, your counselor will research your progress and determine what is and isn't working. Discuss along with your doctor your individual weight loss goals and fascination with this type of program. Also, it certainly can't completely devoid one of their favorite dishes the other will probably be in a position to sometimes have pleasure in their most favorite meals. In these lines we are going to discuss one with the most effective and tried and true strategy containing successfully yielded substantial results. As the history of LA Weight Loss shows, fun filled and exciting programs will likely be given during the entire week to increase excitement and motivation at the same time.

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