TweetOkay, so let’s make one thing very clear here: weights are not just for people who want to bulk up their muscles.
A few researchers from University of Pittsburg found out that weight training keeps your head in the game, keeps you focused on your diet. Some guys from University of South Carolina literally established that total-body strength equals to longer life. Even a short duration of weight lifting can result into multiple calories burn (multiple as in 159 to 231 calories and short duration as in 8 minutes). So these researchers experimented on some people by weight training them and found out that they only consumed 1500 calories in one day, the exact amount that was allotted to them.
So the day is not very far away when you just are a fall away from broken bones (God forbid!).

So according to these researchers people who did weight workouts for at least two months then their diastolic blood pressure will decrease by eight points (average).
According to the researchers total-body strength will decrease the risk of cancer, heart diseases, et cetera. Your friend who is also on a diet but is also weight training has also lost the same amount in same time.
After a good workout your muscles will need energy to repair the fibers resulting in burning of calories. But, thanks again to some researchers, it is now a fact that weight lifting is actually good for your bones.
Now, I won’t dwell into the deep and spare you the medical details; and advise you to just take my word for it.

You shed weight because you lost fat and muscles, your friend on other hand just lost fat and not muscles which is much healthier.
If this is not reason enough for you to go into that room and start lifting weights then we’ve got a few more.

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