Food Items To Avoid To Control Hunger White Pasta White pasta makes you feel hungrier and increases your food cravings. Juices Your favorite fruit juice is all about artificial sweeteners and nothing about actual fruit skin or pulp which is healthy. Baked Foods All those delicious baked foods which include pastries, breads and otherĀ  gooey delights are rich in white sugar.
A single serving of white pasta is just half a cup of it cooked but remember that your favorite restaurant is serving four cups of it in one entree.

If you choose to have sushi rolls only, the food will be fast digested and emptied from your stomach quickly and increase your hunger pangs in no time. Its not just about diet and exercising but you have to stay away from some foods which can actually make you feel hungrier and spoil all your weight loss plans. White pasta overloads your body with carbs; not just this, pasta sauce is more of hunger spiking sugar. It gets difficult to control your food cravings due to the presence of fructose corn syrup.

Thus, though the body starts preparing itself for satisfaction, it is not satisfied and one is left craving for a lot more.

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