The weather forecast for my long run tomorrow morning is looking perfect enough (temps in the teens but no snow or ice) which means I can run outside. I am excited about this, of course, but if the weather by you isn’t going to be ideal for outdoor running, that does not mean you automatically skip your long run. If you want it bad enough and have access to a treadmill, you will learn to make it work for you which is what I am here to chat about today.
Before I get to the pacing workout I followed last week on the treadmill, let’s talk about preparing for your long run indoors. It may be freezing and snowing outside but inside it is hot and you will warm up really fast. I have to be super conscious of not only remembering to bring my jelly beans but remembering to put them in the front pocket of my waistband, not the jacket I am wearing because I won’t be wearing the jacket on the treadmill! I also have to remember to start eating the jelly beans around mile six just like I do when running outside. Think of your long run in smaller parts – For all of my long runs and ESPECIALLY on the treadmill, I group  miles in my head, never thinking about the overall picture. I hate this because I like to be the one in control of my run and don’t want to stop because the machine says I have to! To combat the problem, I will pick a mileage marker (let’s say every 5 miles) to voluntarily stop the belt before it can stop me. At that point, I either restart the belt or take a minute to use the bathroom, take a drink or pop a jelly bean before starting up again. My biggest problem with running long on the treadmill is that I tend to go faster than I do outdoors.
Last week I created a long run workout plan for myself that would take into account my need to go a little slower while catering to my desire to go faster without overdoing it. You will note that I started the treadmill at my home pace, increasing slightly every so often with a push at the conclusion of each mile followed by backing off again. Once you complete the first 60 minutes and if your treadmill shuts you down like mine does, simply restart the belt and this workout for as many miles as you have remaining.
And if that doesn’t work, picture how good it feels when you are finished and enjoying your favorite post-run meal. My longest treadmill run is 15 miles and I hope for that to be the longest, but I couldn’t agree with you more of breaking it up into smaller runs.
I would have to say that statement is not always true because sometimes I just can’t handle food after a long run.
I am off on Monday and I am seeing my chiro again and then we have our pre-drywall meeting for our house, so hopefully will find out a little more about the timeline for everything!
It’s such a great feeling when those kids wake up AFTER we complete the workout we wanted, right? Disclaimer*Although I have completed the Professional Certificate Program in Sports Nutrition and Performance through the School of Professional Development at Stonybrook University, I am not a registered Dietitian or Nutritionist. The thought of running 18 miles outside this weekend is enough to make me want to curl up into a ball and possibly shed a tear. Dwell on the positives: Once you have kicked the negative self talk to the curb, start thinking about the positives about running on the treadmill. Accept that you will likely be bored at some point: I often get bored on long runs when I am alone, which is very often. Mile PostsDorothy Beal is a mother of three little kids and loves just about anything and everything related to running. After I announced that I’d completed 11 miles on the treadmill on Saturday, I had a number of comments and emails asking for advice for getting through a long run on a treadmill without dying of boredom. Obviously using the treadmill isn’t ideal for your long runs, unless you’ll be completing your full or half marathon on a treadmill that is.
After a 12 hour flight, I arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 6pm and it was 10.30pm by the time I’d checked in, met the PRs, had a quick dinner with Evelyn and was ready to run. Some really good tips Charlie- I hadn’t thought about the scheduled breaks- I think that would really help with the mental battle of running long.
When I last run long on the treadmill I found that I ached in places I’ve never ached after road running before. My gym has TVs on the front of all the bikes, so when I go to cross-train I often get caught up on my blog reading or TV series.
That’s really interesting, I do think I have a shorter stride on a treadmill which probably isn’t ideal! The furthest I’ve done was 10 miles and that was on super Saturday during the Olympics – it kept my mind occupied and every time the crowd cheered it mentally lifted me! I did 15 miles on a treadmill in a small gym in the Maldives, in about 1000 degrees of heat! Kardashians are a must when bored!I agree that it’s not too bad as long as you have things to distract you!

Yes it does for me, I just try to finish at a nice round number that’s easy to remember! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. From SodaStreams to tuxedos, check out this list of purchases that cost you more up front but help you seriously save in the long term. The savings: You can generally nab a 12-pack of seltzer at the grocery store for about $10. The savings: If you're spending $800 annually on a fitness club but only use the treadmill (What? The savings: Let's not even discuss that this genius invention keeps you from having to schlep to the dry cleaners twice a week. The savings: If you've got a $4-a-day latte addiction, this thing is definitely worth your while. FREE 10-Page Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a TreadmillEverything you need to know before you buy! We'd like to answer any questions you may have to ensure you get the best machine at the lowest price. At every 800m, turn your attention to your running form, and count your footsteps for a minute.
Read the full article at Runner’s World for more details on what to do at each checkpoint, and for extra tricks to make the run less boring. Telstra's latest data outage was one of the worst yet, with approximately 350,000 NBN and ADSL customers affected. The internet is full of free resources and there are plenty of websites out there offering sample codes like Stack Overflow that programmers and developers can use to perform various tasks for computer programming. With races though, like if I run a 5k (which is rare) or sometimes even after a half, I am not starving — it takes about thirty minutes to really kick in. My limit for tmill runs is about 8 miles–the most that my brain and hamstring can take! I do the Pure Barre videos while my son is asleep praying he stays in bed until I finish lol.
And, it reminds me that I can do it and do things I didn’t think I wanted to complete or do at all. The health advice, opinion and information I provide in this blog is based upon my knowledge, beliefs, experiences and what works for my family and me. Last week starting slow was starting so slow that I felt like I may be able to speed walk faster.
If you get tired, slow down to the point that it feels like you are easily running, then slowly pick the pace back up. I’ve read countless studies and I understand all the various arguments for and against it. I listened to Dan Brown’s Inferno while training for the Berlin Marathon and have recently finished listening to Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling. After each section I would jump off the treadmill to refill my waterbottle, wipe my face or go to the loo. If pace doesn’t matter then alter it as much as you like as you run, playing with speed and incline will make the run feel less boring.
If your treadmill doesn’t have this functionality you could use your ipad or tablet to do the same. I don’t even remember why I did it…So yes, I would advise watching things with people cheering! Would love to go to the Maldives although can’t imagine there are many running trails!
Netflix watching is so great, I need to download some new shows to my Ipad as my local gym’s treadmills are so old! I was dying during a 5-mile treadmill workout this weekend, which is nothing compared to your 11-mile run. So why are you still shelling out $4 for lattes and $20 for dry cleaning when there are better-bang-for-your-buck alternatives? Let's just do the math: If it costs $5 to professionally clean the average blouse, but only 58 cents (plus the initial $500 investment) to "Swash" it, this at-home machine will pay for itself in 113 uses. Obviously, the amount depends on where you live and how cold it gets, but if you use oil heat for five months out of the year, the stove should start to pay off in the two-to-four-year mark.
The Cardio Stride Plus, for instance, retails for just $249 and recently had a sale price of just $199. This means that users need to manually adjust the treadmill in order to train on an incline. They are inexpensive because they are not built to last, and no warranty plan is available.

He wielded no weapons and he did not utter a single word but his stare was enough to turn me into stone. I also found last year after a ton of treadmill running in the winter that it helped me become a better outdoor runner.
Despite my house being a lovely 71 degrees, I walk around wearing a hat and finger-less gloves. This made the first 5 or so miles go by in a flash because I wasn’t struggling in the beginning.
If even running slowly feels extra hard, then really push the pace for a couple of minutes so that when you slow it back down, it feels easy. I run outside enough that I’m not concerned about my treadmill run being similar to an outdoor run.
Some days my mind wins, like the time in January when I was supposed to run 14 miles and I quit after 1 mile.
Dorothy started running in college as a way to lose weight literally and figuratively, and got hooked in the process.
Whether it’s too dark, hot, wet, unsafe etc to run outside, it’s certainly better to get your long run done than skip it completely. I was feeling incredibly jetlagged and full of energy, so getting my long run done was the perfect way to expend some of it. I switched to them after the TV screens at the gym always had bad signal and would freeze all the time and drive me mad!!
I had meant to go longer, but even with the TV on, my brain overrode my legs and hit that stop button. I also remember some shorter treadmill runs during some really bad snow, but it was around Christmas time so I could watch festive movies on the treadmills at my gym. I had no choice unfortunately, it was icy and extremely cold and I had the Paris Marathon coming up. Entertaining myself is usually important for getting through a less-than-ideal situation, but it’s great to be mindful of appreciating the benefits of treadmill running too! Question, if you pause your workout to run to the bathroom or do stretches or something, does the treadmill reset? A SodaStream, alternately, would cost you only about $200 in your first year (and $96 for every year thereafter).
Provided you cancel your gym membership, your new toy will pay for itself in less than a year and a half. They are only intended for walking, have few features, and require the user to manually adjust the incline.
Telstra’s chief operations officer Kate McKenzie has since issued a statement explaining what actually went wrong.
The mental side of sticking to things that I didn’t want to do and the speed work inside made me faster outside. I was at the gym so I had people to watch and I listened to an audio book – that helped!
It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12- year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert! You don’t run the same pace every moment of every mile outside, even if you are pretty good at keeping your splits consistent. In fact, I think I deliberately timed one run for when there would be something good on to watch! The treadmill at my gym has a television built in so I will change channel find something good to watch to take my mind off the run, I will listen to my music, I will change the speed I am running at and I w?ll adjust the incline but I am still becoming bored. Investing a bit more in another brand’s entry-level treadmill would pay off in the long run. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth about it. The key for me is making sure that MOST days my mind wins and I finish the run. She has been seen on the cover of Women's Running and Competitor Magazines and was featured in the Saucony Find Your Strong campaign. Also I think bordem takes over and my brain is telling me to get off when I know my body can keep going. Tomorrow might be another story, but today I want it bad enough to run long on the treadmill.
Bringing children (or a significant other who acts like a child) is a sure way to fill your cart with impulse buys.

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