Getting rid of belly fat after age 40 pretty much requires a significant change in lifestyle. How to lose stomach fat for a 40 year old male is best answered by following a proven program to burn belly fat and increase lean muscle density.Things get tougher when you are in your 40's, especially if you have let yourself get out of shape. Male Belly Fat - You don't need it!Male belly fat causes problems on two levels for guys: First, it is directly linked with health issues that include erectile dysfunction, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stroke.
Yes they can, but it will take more time and committed effort than when you were in your 20's. You are fighting a loss of both testosterone production and growth hormone production, both of which kept you lean when you were younger.Fortunately, you can rekindle production, but it will take some time and focused effort on your part.

What used to happen to men in their 50's, is now scaring guys in their late 30's and early 40's.Secondly, women completely dismiss older guys who look soft and out of shape. The key is in your eating habits.If you came here looking for some magical formula to burn belly fat quickly, and get the body of a decathlete in 6-8 weeks, this is not the site you want. We deal strictly in straight talk, here, and the majority of guys simply do not want to hear it.
Most workouts last between 7 - 20 minutes, and you will know you've done some work!However, these places cost about $100+ bucks a month, and you are expected to work hard once you show up.
If you came to my site looking for some phony bootcamp workout that will have you looking like an NFL defensive back in 6 weeks, this is not the place.

The same if you are looking for some magic "secret supplement" that you can sip while watching your favorite shows on TV.How To Lose Stomach Fat For A 40 Year Old MaleTo me, the best program that answers the question: How to lose stomach fat for a 40 year old male? As long as your body is solid muscle, then you shouldna€™t worry about what the scale says.
It takes some time, and some sweat, but it is worth it when you take off your shirt around women.

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