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The 65-year-old country singer was snapped at the premiere of her new film Joyful Noise last night. Dolly has always been honest about the fact that she's had a little help to look the way she does, and she looked as glamourous as ever from her bouffant blonde hair to the tips of her perfectly manicured nails.
She accessorised with a huge diamond crucifix and sky-high mules with sparkling jewels at the front. We think she could be the most glamorous sixty-something on the planet.What do you think of Dolly's tattoo? She has a figure and face many women half her age would envy but perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. Whether you know the actress from The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Thelma and Louse, Damn-it Janet - Susan Sarandon is still hot! At 64 Joanna is looking absolutely fabulous and her husky voice just gets better with age, regularly topping sexiest voice polls. Acting royalty and 'thinking man's crumpet' Helen Mirren continues to ooze sex appeal at the grand old age of 65. The former singer and Blind Date presenter, instantly recognisable by her flame-red hair, has been entertaining the British public since the 60s with her own inimitable brand of cheeky Scouse humour. The Irish singer, who has a history of mental health issues, sparked concern last year when she tweeted about wanting to take her own life.
She then wrote a blog post in which she said she was looking for a "sweet, sex-starved man" and asked for potential suitors to send her an email.
Barry Herrdige, a Dublin-based counsellor who works with people with addiction issues, got in touch and they married in December after dating for just three months. The couple married at a drive-thru chapel in Las Vegas on December 8, but lived together for just 16 days before they separated on Christmas Eve. Sinead blamed "intense pressure" placed on her husband by his friends and revealed that he was "badly affected" when she took him on a "wild ride" to find marijuana on their wedding night. She explained that they had "decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again" and said they were going to be "sickeningly happy".
If going to the gym is your idea of hell but you'd like to lose weight and get in shape, you may like the sound of this new research. Scientists say they have created a pill which could allow users to get fit without actually exercising. Developed as part of research into tackling obesity, the new pill uses a hormone called irisin to make the body burn calories the same way it does during an exercise session. The researchers, from the Harvard Medical School, said levels of the hormone increase in the body during a workout in order to regulate blood sugar and increase energy expenditure.

The pill was also found to produce beneficial brown fat, which helps to reduce weight, rather than age-associated white fat, which appears around the midriff as we get older.
Prof Bruce Spiegelman, who headed the research team, said: "There has been a feeling in the field that exercise 'talks to' various tissues in the body.
However those of us who'd rather get off the treadmill and take a pill may have to wait for more studies as the initial research was carried out on mice, not human subjects.Like the sound of a fitness pill or do you think nothing beats a good workout? If you're a fan of sexy stilettos or towering wedges, take heed of the news that regularly wearing high-heeled shoes could lead to flat feet.
Researchers from the University of East Anglia said wearing high heels could lead to the painful condition, which can also be genetic.
The researchers, whose work is published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases journal, said they believed flat feet could be caused because high heels weakened essential tendons in the foot. The weakened tendons allow the arch of the foot to collapse, which can cause problems walking and be extremely painful. However the leader of the study, Dr Graham Riley, said they are close to discovering a treatment for the condition.
Flat feet are more prevalent in women over the age of 40 and around 3.5% of the UK population is believed to suffer from the condition.Will you stop wearing heels because of the risk of flat feet? A plus-size magazine has claimed most catwalk models have the body mass index of an anorexic person. The feature in PLUS model magazine, which shows a plus-size model posing nude alongside a high fashion model, aims to get women to tell designers and manufacturers they don't want to be sold super-thin images of models.
Size 16 (US size 12) model Katya Zharkova is shown posing naked in the provocative images, which are accompanied by text about the fashion industry. Another says: "Ten years ago plus-size models averaged between size 12 and 18 (UK size 8 and 22).
She adds: "Small women cannot be marketed to with pictures of plus-size women, why are we expected to respond to pictures of small size 6 and 8 women?"Should retailers and advertisers change their ways or are images of slim women a good thing? From pollen to pets, click through our gallery below for some common allergy triggers you should watch out for. If you're dreaming of a new hair shade, make sure to take precautions and do a 48-hour patch test first. While spring and summer herald in sun and fun, the warmer months are also the time of year when hay fever is likely to strike, as a result of breathing in pollen articles or getting pollen in your eyes. Dishwashing gloves, condoms, some baby bottles and toys, balloons, adhesive bandages and a variety of medical supplies often contain natural rubber latex, which, for some people, causes minor allergic reaction symptoms like bumps, sores, and sneezing. The reason nail varnishes look so appealing (and smell so strong) is because they are filled with chemicals, which can not only irritate the nail and nail bed but can also cause rashes throughout the body and asthma-like breathing difficulties. Workers in Britain are turning to the bottle and the fridge in a bid to beat the boredom of their office jobs. The results of a new survey have shown that a quarter of staff in the country binge on chocolates or high-calorie coffees, or drink too much after work.

Researchers from the University of Central Lancashire surveyed 102 office workers and found half said they had more chance of making mistakes if they were bored.
The research also found that 75% of workers admitted to losing concentration if they were given a repetitive, uninteresting task to carry out. In January few of us are able to go away to get some winter sun to bolster our vitamin D levels. Eating oily fish like salmon can be a great substitute for ensuring your body stays healthy - and it's delicious, too!
But if new pictures are anything to go by, she's been keeping a little secret tucked away in her cleavage. And as she leaned forward in her tight-fitting, low-cut white dress, a tattoo of small red flowers was clearly visible.
After all, Olivia Newton-John convincingly played the part of 18-year-old student Sandy in Grease despite being 30 at the time. A well known activist and campaigner, Sarandon has more important things to worry about than ageing. Not many women would be confident enough to be photographed in a red bikini at the age of 63, or pose topless in the bath for New York Magazine for that matter. Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is one of the more toxic chemicals found in many types of hair dye and can cause allergic reactions ranging from a tingling of the scalp to severe swelling (sometimes requiring hospitalisation). Symptoms include itchy eyes, nose, ears or throat, sneezing, a runny nose and sometimes wheezing.
If that's not unpleasant enough, people develop allergies to their excretions (which can get into the air when someone shakes out the bedsheets or fluffs a pillow).
Those with serious latex allergies may be at risk for anaphylactic shock (symptoms include wheezing, nausea, vomiting and loss of breath).
Toxic solvents like formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate are now banned from varnishes in the EU, but your best bet is an entirely chemical-free, non-toxic version. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do."How to you cope with boredom at work?
And we hear she can still fit into her pink jog-suit from the '80s 'Let's get physical' video. Symptoms include itchiness and rashes and can appear when a scent has been touched or inhaled. Sprinkle over 2 tbsp of fresh breadcrumbs, place on a baking sheet and bake until cooked through.
All sorts of horrific things happen in life - why make it worse by worrying about getting older?

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