This is the reason that professionals go through cycles where they alternate between bulking and cutting.
Just the other day I was killing my bis and tris at the gym when a hard-working and passionate young trainee approached me with some questions about bodybuilding: “As you can see I'm very thin. You want every calorie you ingest to be pointed toward muscle repair and growth, even if you store a little bodyfat along the way.

The best way to avoid adding too much extra adipose tissue while gaining size is to make sure that you are eating a relatively clean high calorie diet.
I weighed a paltry 125 lbs (at a height of 5’11.5”) when I first wrapped my hands around a barbell. So, I feel his pain and can fully appreciate his desire to bulk up and build a bigger, more muscular physique.

As an ectomorph struggling to add more muscle and bodyweight the last thing you want to do is burn more calories and further increase your already racing metabolism through cardio.

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