By ShanThere are some foods which are very easy to digest and do not produce harmful toxins, starch or fat. Apples – It contain high source of soluble fiber and carbohydrate and are less in starch and fat contents. Bananas – This fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates which produces high energy to the body. Mangoes and Oranges –Mangoes contain carbohydrates and natural sugar and oranges are rich in Vitamin C which increases the level of metabolism in the body. Calories Burning food  – Foods like cabbage, watermelon, blueberry, beetroot and broccoli burn the calories by giving the body enough time to flush toxins.
Sardines – Sardines are packed with high contents of fish oil and high protein which burns fat. Who doesna€™t want that svelte figure which can make everybody turn their head in awe and wonder? The fact is that we need to maintain our body because due to many reasons the fat content gets deposited in the various parts of our body, which becomes a herculean task to shed after a certain period of time. Like many other components of the body such as muscle, water, bone and other organs, the body fat makes the structure of the body. Energy Imbalance: A If there is not a proper balance between your energy IN and energy OUT, then you will very accumulate fat tissues in your body. Inactive lifestyle: One of the main reasons of fat accumulation in our body is less physical activities. Now people are spending most of their time by watching TV or indulging in leisurely activities.
Medicine: The consumption of certain medicines like corticosteroids, antidepressants, and seizure medicines make the person to gain weight, the main reason of fat deposition in the body. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, women tend to gain weight to meet the demands of the body and for the growth of the child. Emotional Factors: Sometimes people tend to eat more when they are angry, stressed or happy. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have not heard about the 7 Day Diet Fat-Burning Cabbage Soup, this is a way to discover more the soup that can change your life.
This excellent program includes consumption of the fat-burning cabbage soup for a period of seven days. The more you eat of this soup, the more calories you will lose since this soup won’t add any calories. Take care not to skip a day, if you plan to travel or be somewhere else during the day, fill a thermos with your fat-burning soup and consume it as required in the diet plan explained below.

This soup can be prepared in several ways, but this article offers you two, the original diet cabbage soup and one other, which is a modified version, but amazing one, for it is all organic, and does not include soup mixes or canned vegetables. The preparation of this remarkable soup is simple, just put all the vegetables in a pot, add the spices, cover with water and bring to a fast boil for ten minutes and then reduce to a simmer. In a small amount of vegetable or coconut oil saute all vegetables, except for tomatoes and cabbage. Day 3: Eat all the soup, vegetables, and fruits you want, but you can have no baked potato for dinner. Day 5: up to 6 organic tomatoes, 10-20 ounces of beef, lamb, wheat gluten (seitan), aduki beans, chicken (no skin), or fish.
Day 6: You can eat as much as you want of beef, lamb, wheat gluten (seitan), aduki beans, chicken (no skin), or fish in combination with vegetables on day six.
Provided that you have followed all rules of the diet program, by the end of the 7th day you will have lost 10-17 pounds. In case you have lost more than 15 pounds, make a 2- day pause and then resume the diet again from day 1.
If you follow it correctly, the Cabbage Soup diet will perfectly cleanse your organism of impurities. These foods are natural and not processed foods which makes it easy to digest in the stomach. This vegetable also helps in flushing out the excessive fat that gets deposited in the body. The answer of this question will definitely help you to deal with this body fat issue more effectively.
A Energy IN is the amount of calorie we get from the food and drink and energy OUT is the amount of energy our body uses for digesting our food, breathing and other physical activities. The advancement of technology has made the work much easier and the human beings inactive, which in turn make them fat and in the long run make them obese. Some of these conditions are polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Cushing’s syndrome, underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), etc. According to some researches, sleep balances the hormones, which make you hungry (ghrelin)A or full (leptin).
So this factor over the time makes the person to eat more and deposit more calories in the body.
If you are like me and you want to lose some weight fast, without going to the gym, here i present you  Fat-Burning Home Workouts that just worked fine for me. What is amazing about it is that during this period, you are allowed to eat as much of the soup as you want, whenever you feel hungry. Actually, it works as a meal with “negative calories”, so it will speed up your metabolism and as a result you will burn more calories than the ones you take in.

During the course of this diet, you should drink plenty of fresh water, that is, ? of your body weight in ounces of water. Both bananas and milk are high in calories and carbohydrates, but on this particular day your body will be in need of potassium, carbohydrates, proteins and calcium to lessen cravings for sweets. Take note to consume a high-quality range fed animal protein free of antibiotics or hormones.
There is no limit of the consumption of fruits and vegetables, but eat the soup at least once today. Always consider the fact that everyone’s digestive system is different and, therefore, this diet will affect everyone differently and can give different results. Furthermore, it will make you will feel lighter, more energetic, and healthier than ever before. These foods get digested quickly and also help to produce more energy than the cooked foods. When you see a person with a well-maintained body, you just cannot stop admiring that person consciously or subconsciously.
Essential fat helps for the normal functioning of the body and gets deposited in central nervous system, bone marrow, organs, and muscles.
The body should maintain a balance between these two energies to maintain a healthy body; else it will lead to fat deposition in various parts of the body. A You may become fat or obese if any of your parents are suffering from weight issues.A  The genes determine the capacity of your body to store the fat. So when a person does not get enough sleep, the hormone ghrelin grows up which means the person feels hungry and eats more food. Remember home training is never easy, is always better to hit the gym, but if you do these workouts everyday, constantly you will see results after a while.
Optionally, you can also add kombucha to your diet for beneficial yeasts and bacteria for your digestive system.
Eat as many as 3 bananas and drink as many glasses of water as you can along with the soup.
Try to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water in order to flush the uric acid out of your body. Reduce heat and simmer until the vegetables become tender and then add some fresh or dried herbs and simmer for 5 minutes. So if the parents are obese, the chance is there that the children will also accumulate fat tissues in their body.

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