A healthy diet and a specific exercise regimen goes a long way in helping to reduce chest fat, just like they help in getting rid of body fat in general. I have been working out for a year now and can't get rid of my moobs.I am 5'8 and weigh about 130 poundsI work out Monday Wednesday and Friday. My basic advice for workouts is that you should set a cap for reps, and once you reach that number, put the weight up.
I would do a prog like Starting Strength or Stronglifts, you can't go wrong.You need to do more back exercises and incorporate leg exercises. While push-ups have been the traditional method of getting rid of chest fat, aerobic exercises are a better and quicker option, because they also involve the heart and lungs.
While a special machine is required for a cable chest press, dumbbells do the trick in dumbbell fly and cable fly.

All types of keto diets regulate the amount of carbohydrates consumed by a person on a daily basis. You can also take the help of medical practitioners who guide you on the type of diet you should follow and the exercises suitable for your body type.
I wish mine was that flat, but unfortunately mother nature and being raised on a diet of fatass caused me to grow up afraid of shirtless swimming. I might actually make this a progress thread and take some pics in a week or two.I just don't know what work out to do. Avoid eating large quantities of animal protein and dairy products, as they contain saturated fat.
It is actually an illness which is characterized by the accumulation of fat under the nipple area of the chest.

I can't.My immediate thought from looking at those pics was 'ok, you need to start lifting more weight'.
Lifting (without breaking form eg swinging etc) until fail is probably the single most important factor in training, IMO.
What really stands out for me is the lack of any real triceps excercises (are those triceps extensions you're doing?). I prefer to do them with a bar and laying down personally (you need a spotter for this really).

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