Every single participant in the P90X-3 Beta test group except for one lost at least 10% Body Fat in the 90 days to complete the program.
My list is growing by the day of people who have contacted me to be first to know when P90X-s is available.
This isn’t a bad way to go – in fact, many of Beachbody’s own programs use this very method of getting you into the best shape of your life. Lose fat, build muscle, increase your confidence? How about get rid of that expensive, time consuming gym membership?

Get on my list now and you will be notified the minute it is released which will guarantee you to get it to your door before Christmas.
Just look at programs like Insanity, which has tons of proven results, and Focus T25 which is similar to P90X-3 in that it gives you results in shortened workouts (only 25 minutes).
However, the results you will get from these two programs will differ because of the methods they employ.
T25 uses a lot of cardio to make you shred fat and lose weight, while toning muscle at the same time.

Plus, the exercises make you sweat off inches as well, so you’re losing fat in multiple ways, all while gaining a tremendous amount of muscle strength. Weight training has proven to be the best for burning calories long after your workout is complete.

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