Losing strength on a cut is going to boil down into two main culprits – how lean you are and how large the caloric deficit is. Someone starting a cut at 25+ percent body fat is going to have a much easier time maintaining strength than someone starting a cut sub 15%. When it comes to macronutrient breakdown to lose fat and maintain strength, protein is going to be the most important. For the scope of this article I am not going to get into optimal carbohydrate and fat ratios.
The training program that creates the most strength when in a surplus will also help you maintain the most strength at a deficit.
Training Efficiency – It makes sense the longer you diet the less overall energy you are going to have to devote to training. When it comes to deciding what type of cardio you do, interference is something to consider.
Bottom line, long slow steady state cardio interferes with you maintaining strength, short fast high intensity cardio does not. No one seems to answer the questions about how long it takes to go from catabolism to stasis to anabolism either! The answer to getting rid of weight loss transformation before and after compilation controlling toxins is simple.
When you want to lose weight, the first thing most people want to do is start cutting calories and pump up the cardio so they can lose as much weight as possible & as fast as possible. If you pick up the tempo and intensity of your lifting, you can boost your body’s ability to naturally burn fat. This way you are still building up your muscles but also cutting the fat at the same time.
I wanted to jump into the training and nutrition info first, but then I realized what is truly most important. There is a reason most natural bodybuilders generally contest prep for at least five months. However, you want to go with the smallest deficit possible that still produces your weekly weight loss goal.

Anywhere from half to one and a half pounds a week is good progress depending on how much you weigh.
I’m not sure when “light weights for high reps” became the magic recipe to burning body fat but…it’s not. In fact, high rep training is great for improving muscular endurance, increasing lactate clearance as well as an easy way to increase time under tension. I appreciate the actual knowledge and research behind it, and of course, Kyle Hunt is a credible source!
You put hours of hard work into the gym to build up size in the muscle department, now you want to shed them last bits of fat you have accumulated around those stubborn areas and may not be possible for everyone.The facts are that it is very hard to target just fat and spare muscle. That’s great if your only goal is to lose weight, but you’re also trying to hold onto muscle here.
This is not an effective way to lose weight for anyone – and is especially ineffective if you want to keep your hard earned muscle. Try cutting down the time of rest in between each set, this will keep the blood pumping and burn more fat. However, make sure you restrict your carb intake throughout the day and limit most of your carb ingestion to your post-workout meal. On the flip side if you want to be lean, you will have to sacrifice size and strength.  But, what if I told you there was another way?
On the other hand, if you have a lot of fat to lose you should not have an issue maintaining strength. If you are in a rush to lose fat at all costs, the cost will not only be strength but muscle as well.
Anytime you hit a sticking point you want to make the smallest adjustment that will enable you to resume progress. However, if you are not eating around 1g per pound of body weight (give or take) get that in line first!
Put yourself in a slight caloric deficit, hit your protein and distribute carbohydrate and fat how you see fit.

That is the reason why there are weight classes in strength sports (Powerlifting and Weightlifting).
A meta analysis conducted back in 2011 by Wilson, J.M, et al took a look at 21 studies where resistance training was combined with endurance (cardio) training.
If you want to lose weight, your diet will most definitely have to change – but make sure that you’re not sacrificing protein when you cut some of that food off the menu. Running at a steady pace on the treadmill for long periods is not the solution and in fact this will encourage muscle loss.
HIIT is when you alternate low interval exercises with high intensity intervals and can be a valuable tool to get the right results. Losing weight without losing muscle is definitely challenging, but hopefully some of these tips will work for you and make the challenge a little bit easier. Is it possible to lose this amount of fat in about 8-10 weeks without losing muscle or performing aerobic work?
Since your body fat is relatively high, I would eat only about 60 grams of carbs along with 40 grams of protein in your post-workout shake. I will say this, through field observation I have found going extremely low carb or low fat tends to be a recipe for disaster. However, if you train with lightweights for an extended period of time you WILL get weaker.
They found there to be a negative relationship between frequency and duration of endurance training on hypertrophy, strength and power [1].
With this being said, it would be advantageous to try and keep endurance training as short and infrequent as possible while still reaching ones goals. Since HIIT is more closely related to resistance training (than endurance training), interference seems to be avoided when HIIT is utilized.

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