BEFORE weighing in, a boxer needs to try and strip as much fat as possible to make weight, without loosing muscle mass.
It took me many years to figure out the correct balance of caloric intake in connection with fat loss without losing muscle in order to maintain lean muscle mass.
When I was running several hours a day plus starving myself (an absolutely horrible combination) I was not seeing results. With all of whimsical practices aside, it is important to note the do’s when looking to lose fat without losing muscle while gaining lean muscle mass. A low carb diet would be a wise incorporation because these types of foods allow the body to burn fat storage while replenishing the rebuilding muscles with the nutrients they need to get back to full recovery.
Another thing to do when looking to lose fat without losing muscle is to balance cardio and strength training.
If you lift and do cardio on the same day you should consider lifting first and following up with cardio. So if you are looking to lose fat without losing muscle, consider changing your diet habits to eating foods that promote caloric and fat burn.
Enter your email address to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive notifications of new ideas to improve health and wellness. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Great, but how should you structure your training and nutrition approach in order to lose fat without losing muscle, so that your hard-earned gains remain intact? Building quality muscle certainly requires a good deal of hard work and patience (not to mention that it happens a lot more slowly than fat loss does), so it’s understandable why you might be concerned about this.
If you want to burn fat and maintain muscle as effectively as possible, you’ll want to make sure that your basic weight training approach remains the same as it was when you were aiming to gain muscle. In reality, altering your workout plan in this way is completely misguided and will actually increase the chances of muscle loss throughout your fat loss phase. Resistance training targets only the muscles that are involved in the exercise and NOT the fat surrounding that area. Fat loss only occurs on a total-body scale as you keep yourself in a calorie deficit over time. Every time you perform a weight training workout, your goal is simple: to provide the most powerful stimulus to your muscles possible.
Training with a sufficient level of intensity by performing each set about 1-2 reps short of muscular failure.
Maintaining an adequate rest time between sets of around 1.5-3 minutes in order to keep training performance maximized. Continually striving for progressive overload by gradually increasing the weight lifted on your exercises over time. Following all of these basic steps will give your body the proper incentive it needs to hold onto its existing muscle mass despite being in a calorie deficit. Altering your plan with lighter weights, higher reps, more isolation movements and shorter rest periods is only going to weaken the training stimulus on your muscles and have the opposite effect that you’re striving for.
If you’re creating a proper calorie deficit through your diet and are sticking to an intensive weight training plan, there’s really no need to perform huge amounts of cardio to get the results you’re after. Yes, cardio is a useful tool for burning additional calories and promoting a variety of physical and mental benefits, but going overboard can impair workout recovery and increase your total calorie deficit to an excessive level that may promote muscle loss.
2-3 weekly cardio sessions is a good basic starting point for most people, and you should only throw in additional sessions later on if your rate of fat loss stalls and it becomes necessary.
You’ll also want to space your cardio sessions away from your weight training sessions whenever possible, with a 6-8 hour gap being ideal.
If you do want to combine them because you have a busy schedule and want to be as time-efficient as possible, always perform cardio after your weight training workout is over. Weight training should always be treated as the number one priority if you want to lose fat without losing muscle, and you don’t want to enter your weight training workout already pre-fatigued from a full cardio session.
As a final note, the amount of cardio you’ll require also depends on what your activity level is like outside of the gym. This creates the necessary calorie deficit needed to stimulate your body to burn fat as a source of fuel. Although a calorie deficit is a mandatory pre-requisite for fat loss, trying to speed up the process by using a very large deficit is rarely a good idea. Larger calorie deficits can be okay for some people in the short term, but for most individuals, aggressive deficits will quickly result in significantly lowered training performance, energy levels, mood and appetite control, and in turn will increase the chances of excessive muscle loss. A much better approach for most dieters is to stick with only a moderate calorie deficit of about 500 calories below maintenance level, with a focus on losing fat at a gradual pace of about 1-2 pounds per week. This calorie deficit and rate of fat loss are large enough to produce significant ongoing results, but small enough that the majority of your muscle will be left intact. If you don’t know your current calorie maintenance level, you can roughly estimate it by multiplying your body weight in pounds by 14-16, going with the higher or lower end depending on your overall activity level. This will give you your calorie maintenance level, and you’ll then simply subtract 500 calories from that to calculate how much you should eat per day. Treat whatever caloric figure you end up with as an initial starting point, and then measure your weekly weight loss. Protein is important for the obvious reason that it is responsible for the building and maintenance of lean muscle tissue. In order to burn fat and maintain muscle optimally, make sure to consume between 0.8-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. Anywhere within this range will likely be enough to eliminate any concern of muscle loss, and if you want to be fully on the safe side then just go with the upper figure of 1 gram per pound.
I wouldn’t recommend going much beyond this amount though, as any more than 1 gram is almost certainly unnecessary and could even be potentially counter-productive. The more protein you eat beyond what you actually require, the fewer carbohydrates you’ll be able to fit into your daily calorie totals, and this could prevent you from maximizing your energy levels, mood and focus throughout your fat loss phase since carbs play a central role in these factors.
Also keep in mind that the idea that lifters require more protein while cutting is not necessarily true.
This is because you only require enough protein to maintain your existing muscle mass when cutting, whereas during a bulking phase you require protein both for maintenance and for building additional tissue. Don’t forget about fat intake either, as dietary fat plays a key role in keeping testosterone levels elevated and also prevents negative effects on mood and appetite which may impact your training performance. 20% of total calories from fat would be the minimum, and I wouldn’t recommend going below this for any extended period of time. 2) Keep your cardio frequency on the moderate side by starting off with 2-3 weekly sessions spaced 6-8 hours away from your weight training workouts. 3) Stick to a controlled calorie surplus of about 500 calories below your maintenance level and focus on losing fat gradually at a rate of around 1-2 pounds per week. If you want to burn fat without losing muscle, these are the 4 most important steps to follow.

Sean Nalewanyj is a best-selling fitness author, natural bodybuilder and success coach who has been publishing science-based, no B.S muscle building and fat loss information online since 2005. Every day, countless Americans adopt diet and fitness routines centered on dropping unwanted weight. It may seem counter-intuitive, but frequent eating can ramp up your metabolism, causing it to burn more fat.
Often, people try to lose weight rapidly to prepare for an important upcoming social event. Here are some ways for reducing your belly fat.  Even though they are simple, they works wonders if followed properly. People who sleep less time becomes slow in every work they do and at the same time as the sleep time is reduced they tend to end more and more.
Eating slow, eating less quantity of food more times, taking small bites instead of large bites all these tips will help you reduce your belly.
Improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle are the core reasons for the formation of fat storage rooms in our belly. Few people prefer walking more than any sweat spilling exercises and raw vegetable eating programs. Make sure you follow these tips in your daily routine so that there is no need for your body to starve or spill its sweat.
Vast majority of gym-goers has a very simple training aim: maximize muscle mass and minimize the body fat. While it is relatively simple (if hard and time-consuming) to achieve any one of these goals, combining the two can prove rather tricky. Before you start any kind of training program or diet you must find out what is approximately the caloric intake with which you will neither take on nor lose weight.
The second step is to get some basic idea about the caloric values for the food you currently eat and for the types of food you decide to eat during your diet. Since obesity is a serious health problem, almost all the scientific papers we can work with are describing trials with overweight individuals trying to lose body fat without losing muscle mass.
The most natural strategy for cutting fat is to reduce the caloric intake (please no drastic cuts, 15% is usually enough) and increase the amount of protein in your diet. There are several different opinions on how much protein can we safely consume without either damaging one or more of our internal organs or simply not being able to process it. The estimates range from 0.8 g per 1 kg of body weight (US RDA) to more than triple that amount according to some researchers. According to a meta-study from 2008 (Brehm, D’Alessio) there is no evidence that high-protein diet negatively affects glucose metabolism (the main argument against such diets). According to several studies higher protein intake results in higher protein synthesis in the muscle.
Majority of top bodybuilders follow high-protein diet (over 2 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight) with good results.
After attempting to follow a proper bodybuilding diet, most people will find out that they are unable to ingest the recommended amount of protein.
In some individuals caffeine may be helpful to induce increased thermogenesis (thus burn more calories), lower the appetite and induce dehydration. Especially the last mentioned effect of caffeine can be very tricky so let’s discuss it in more depth. One reason for dehydration is use of anabolic steroids that are partly aromatized to estrogen which is in turn causing water retention (if you didn’t understand this sentence, good for you).
You are hopefully not using hormonal substances and most likely do not participate in competitions.
If you do, remember that you have to fully rehydrate immediately after the competition and be extremely cautious with any form of water loss.
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Yes, it is true that in order to lose weight you need to have your calories in be less than calories out. Yes, there is a need to cut back calorie intake, but that should not be done through skipping meals and intentional starving.

If you do your cardio first your body will be more tired and you will not get the same muscle push that you would normally experience.
We'd like to share ideas with you on how you can live a more natural and healthy life by making small changes to your daily routine. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. And this is achieved using the exact same principles you were using during your bulking phase. So, if you weighed 200 pounds with 25% body fat, you’d be carrying 50 pounds of fat and 150 pounds of lean mass.
From there, increase or decrease it if necessary until you’re consistently landing in the appropriate weekly weight loss range.
If protein intake drops too low, you won’t maintain muscle at your maximum capacity throughout your cut. Then, since fat contains 9 calories per gram, divide that number by 9 in order to get your daily grams of fat. Only increase the amount of cardio later on if your rate of fat loss stalls and you don’t want to reduce your calorie intake any further. Through the comprehensive free content found in his Articles, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and online newsletters, Sean has helped hundreds of thousands of average, everyday people from all over the world build muscle, lose fat and completely transform their bodies and lives.
I give out real, science-based, no B.S training, nutrition and supplementation advice to help you build muscle and lose fat in the most productive yet practical way possible. To make sure your muscles have enough nutrition to remain intact, you need to eat a lot of high-protein foods. On the other hand, when you go long periods without eating, your body is likely to store more fat and burn muscle instead. When we eat high-glycemic foods that digest quickly, our blood sugar goes up, which results in insulin spikes that cause our bodies to store fat. In a race against the clock, they adopt crash diets, which cause their bodies to burn muscle and hoard fat. Likewise, you can make yourself look thinner by avoiding salt for two days before an event. Walking is one of the easy and best ways to lose stomach fat.  Walking not only helps in reducing weight but also improves our chance of health.
These are mutually contradictory aims and it takes a lot of very clever planning to achieve such a challenging target. By bodybuilding we are trying to disrupt this balance and force our concept of ideal physique on our body.
This is quite individual and depends on your metabolic rate, your energy requirements and your height. There is almost no research in the other direction (bodybuilders trying to grow more muscle without gaining fat). Arguably, very high protein intake is the main difference between pro bodybuilders and amateur gym-goers. Obviously, there are more advantages to protein powders than just replacing the dietary protein: unlike food, the supplements are designed with the only aim of increasing your lean muscle mass. It can make sense for pro bodybuilders right before the competition but it should NEVER be applied by other trainees.
You can find new friends and keep in contact with them, post pictures, comment on articles, follow the competitions and much more. Once you are logged in to the website, your profile is automatically used in forums and talkbacks too. If your body doesn’t have the nutrients to replenish after a cardio workout it is forced to take from your lean mass storage. Rather, you should eat good foods, foods that are going to provide direct energy for your body.
You should also ensure that you are eating plenty of proteins to help rebuild your muscles.
You may also want to try taking a supplement like L-Glutamine which helps to build muscle and lose fat. In an industry that has become completely overrun with gimmicks, false information and outright scams, you can trust this site as an honest, reliable resource to help you reach your fitness goals. When we eat high-fiber, low-glycemic foods that take a long time to digest, our blood sugar remains steady. Therefore we have to combine the known results of available studies with theory of muscle growth and of course with some anecdotal evidence from coaches and trainees. They compared two groups of obese women: while both groups reduced their weekly caloric intake by 2,800 Cal, the first group was given 30% protein diet and the second group was given 15% protein diet. Sherfey; 2007) compared hypocaloric high-protein and low-protein diets with and without exercise. Some may not tolerate it at all with side-effects from sleeplessness to chest pain; others may drink multiple cups of coffee without feeling a thing.
The size of each serving can be increased or decreased as you wish and our system calculates the proper recipe ingredients and nutritional values for your serving size. However, if you do strictly cardio or strictly strength you will not achieve the goal that you set out. Once you shed the weight it is easy to keep it off because your metabolism works faster with muscle instead of fat! If you’d like to attain an attractive, healthy looking physique, learn how to burn fat without sacrificing muscle tone.
Not only does this promote the right kind of weight loss, it keeps us energized and helps us avoid so-called crashes.
For women, this means wearing dark colored clothing that puts their torsos in balance with their waists and legs.
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