In case you missed my first 60 days of weight loss while working full-time, please feel free to catch up here The First 30 Days and The Second 30 Days. And finally, in case you have been following my journey all along, I give you my work's Biggest Loser Results. Losing weight can be a very painful process especially when you measure weight loss on scale. In short, the problem with going by the number on a scale is that this really doesn’t tell you much about how you look.

The best way to see how your body is changing is to measure yourself with and inch tape and with calipers. Measure yourself with an inch tape to see inch loss and measure yourself with calipers to measure your body fat. Some scales give you your body fat, but the most accurate way to know is by using calipers. Basing your weight loss goals on the number you hope to see on a scale is the wrong way to go about it.
Taking these measurements once a week and keeping a record of them will really help you see your truthful improvements.

In both photos she weighs 16o pounds (72.5kgs) but as you can see her body looks SO different.
On the other hand, you might just want to lose a dress-size quickly, to fit in your prettiest summer outfit.

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