Whatever the age that you personally believe is the age to become old is the age to become old for you.   “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” If you are 40 years old, and if you make certain statements such as “When I get old at 60…” you are setting yourself up for twenty years of negative programming to become old as soon as you reach 60! Why expect to become “old” at all?  Why not accept youth and health as who you really are?  If you no longer believe that a certain age equals “old”, and if you also take care of your health, nutritionally speaking and with the right type of exercise (with weights), then that “old” man or that “old” woman is no longer able to move into your body.
You Would Get Eight Good Hours of Sleep Each Night – Rest and recuperation is essential at this stage of the game.  You would need to sleep well to wake up refreshed.
You Would See Your Doctor for Regular Physical Check Ups Every 6 Months – Unless you have a particular medical condition that requires more frequent visits, you should see your physician for a physical check up at least twice a year. What I mean by this paradox is that progressive weight resistance exercise along with small-meals frequently eaten as clean and healthy low-fat, high fiber foods will constantly improve the body overall.
To keep your hot bikini body, the muscles must be kept from sagging; they must be kept supple, firm and strong. One of the best and basic exercises that is accessible, inexpensive and has been around forever is the floor push up.  The beauty of this exercise is that when you combine it with aerobic activity such as jogging or cycling, you can develop a  very firm and sculpted body.
Benefit Number 2 – Push Ups Develop The Shoulder (Frontal Deltoid) Muscles – Throw away those foam shoulder pads that come with the stylish dresses that give your shoulders that broad sexy look and let the beauty and grace of your own shoulders frame your body. Benefit Number 3 – Push Ups Develop and Make Firm the Triceps Muscle – What caused me to write this article in the first place was the fact that the push up is the cure to the under the arm muscle flab that has grown flaccid from lack of exercise. You will receive powerful secrets how to, in as little as 12 weeks, develop strong lean muscle and take off pounds of body fat and keep it off for good! First – You must know that it is possible to create age-reversal through progressive weight resistance, using barbells and dumbbells along with a healthy diet of clean-eating of low-fat, high fiber foods. Second – You must have the desire, the intention and the commitment to begin and follow through with this new regimen for life as a regular part of your daily routine – just as you would brush your teeth, sleep or bath which are ongoing daily habits of your life. Save your money and save your life through timely investing and through healthy eating and exercise via progressive weight resistance. Well, there is a reason for everything under the sun, and my never-ending youth is no accident. You will receive powerful secrets how to, in as little as 12 weeks, develop strong lean muscle and take off pounds of body fat and keep it off for good! If you think that after 50, 60, or 70 that it is all over sexually, then my friend, think again.
Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sex drive, and is produced less as we reach 50 and radically declines after 60, however learning to eat healthfully and how to exercise using barbells and dumbbells can transform your body and energy level in as little as 12 weeks.
Fitness Tips – 4 Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old to Start Exercising With Weights? Using this as a metaphor of the difference of one who exercises and one who doesn’t, we can see the parallel and what essentially happens to us as we age and become sedentary, stagnate and deteriorating through inactivity. FREE 10-minute Audio Interview and 4-page pdf transcript on How To Get Fit Fast At Any Age!
You Would Be Eating Low Fat, High Fiber Foods –  You would be eating 5 small, healthy meals of about 500 to 600 calories every couple of hours.  You would broil your chicken or fish, and you would drastically cut down your consumption of red meats.

You Would Drink Half of Your Body Weight in Water Per Day – As we age, our body tends to hold less and less water, therefore you would need to conscientiously hydrate your body to maintain high levels of energy. You Would Take 15 Minutes to Stretch Before Any Strenuous Exercise –  Stretching before strenuous exercise is what everyone, young and older should practice.  The need to warm up the muscles and joints by stretching becomes even more imperative after age 40. You Would Do Aerobic Activity Such As Jogging or Cycling – On the days that you are not lifting weights, you would practice cardiovascular exercises for at least 20 or 30 minutes per day to keep your heart and circulatory system strong. Now, until that day does comes, if you’ve played your cards right, you will have lived strong, erect, handsome, healthy and happy. Here she is making a cameo appearance at the 2009 Oscar Awards Presentation.  And – wow! Women over 50 have to be aware and cognizant of the inevitable loss of bone density which leads to a condition of brittle bones also known as osteoporosis. There is an easier and more natural way to achieve not only the same but even better results.
Healthy diet, progressive weight resistance, that is, exercise with barbells and dumbbells along with the right attitude toward the aging process is the key to everlasting youth. Join a professional gym, and I will guarantee that you will find there, someone who is over 50, 60 or 70 who is totally awesome! In this article, you will learn that there are certain types of exercise that can increase sexual libido by over 300%. Exercise is indeed the key to better health, energy and vigor, but all exercise types are not the same. Ronald Bahr of Oslo, Norway showed that after 1 hour of vigorous weight training, testosterone can increase by as much as 300% and will last up to 2 hours after you’re finished!
You only need to start with weights that YOU can comfortably handle, and I promise you, that your body will get stronger and stronger, more and more supple, and more and more youthful. For one, it’s clean enough to drink, but the essence and the secret of its purity lies in the fact that it flows. Just like the sedentary swamp, we begin to accumulate all of the filth, sediment and putrefaction of not using our bodies.
What would happen to the waters that would begin to move and circulate through the rocks and down the mountain edges? Weight training gives more elasticity to the skin, and you tend not to wrinkle the same as if you were not training with barbells and dumbbells.
Exercise and nutrition play a great part, but I say to you that attitude plays an even greater part. Chronologically, there is nothing that you can do to stop clock time and the years from advancing. Jogging will improve your endurance and cardiovascular stamina (very good for having vigorous sex of course), and yoga will increase your flexibility and ability to get into exotic bodily positions (just in case you have just put down a recent copy of the Kama Sutra). And if your testosterone level can increase 3 times more than normal, you know what that means!

It moves and circulates, and in a way, keeps itself clean from the accumulation of filth and sediment. No more do you bathe today – to become clean enough to stop bathing for the rest of your life. I guarantee you that with their beautiful bodies no matter how advanced in years, you will find that they have the right attitude as well. Read on and discover how easy it is to enjoy and better and richer sex life right now – no matter at what stage of the age game you are in. Notwithstanding the benefits of practically any type of regular exercise for improved health, the secret lies in the increasing of testosterone.
Then, a little beyond this thought, came to me the idea that, metaphorically speaking, our bodies, as far as aging is concerned, are either a swamp or flowing waters. Beginning and continuing with regular physical exercise, no matter at what stage of your life, will in turn, reverse the physiological deterioration of the aging process. In this article, you will learn and discover that it is never too late, and you are never ever too old to start and continue body building for the rest of your life.
In this article, you will hopefully see that it is no longer a question of how old you are…but how old you want to be. No I must emphasize right here, that when I speak of proper youth-rejuvenating exercise, I am unequivocally speaking of progressive weight resistance using barbells and dumbbells on a regular basis. Get ready, for in few short moments, you will learn the definitive secrets to turning back the hands of time for good. If you look, feel and act 20 years younger than your chronological age, who the hell cares how many candles there are on some dumb birthday cake. He works out with weights, plays tennis with a vengeance, and has a rock-hard six-pack abs (as in abdominal muscles). I say that exercising also belongs on this list, that is, if you want to live longer, feel stronger and enjoy more of your life. I encourage you to begin and take that first step, and I stand up and applaud you for honoring your body, for to do this is to honor the temple of your spirit.
Your muscles, joints, bones and tendons need what proper weight resistance has to offer to every part of your body. With this type of exercise and proper eating – the living waters of your blood, heart and circulatory system, begin to rejuvenate your body, giving it new life and new energy.
I am stronger and more virile than the average 40-year old, and I’m getter younger and stronger each year.

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