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The pic looks so perfect Looks like I did a very good shopping spent more then an Hour to look for everything ,make a list & buy exactly what I needed to shred the few Kgs of extra weight. By the way who doesn't love short cuts, specially when you are over confident of yourself!! So this is a beautiful pic of everything that I spent money on and bought from the wet market in Singapore! I had the first sip and I felt VOMITING It tasted like some poisonous thing, ( I mean literally) This tasted so bad , but even then I kept of sipping some because I wanted to motivate myself on weight loss, after I sipped the half bowl, I had this strong vomiting urge!!
The FACT was that i hated its taste, I was not able to digest the fact that I am going to stick to a diet plan for a week to loose weight faster, also that I will be drinking this tasteless cabagge soup everyday when ever I feel hungry!! Oh my God my hunger died, Instantly, I fet so dipressed after having it, I was sure it is something I can not try on myself, I love my tasty Indian Food, I sent the soup pic to hubby and told , I feel sick already.. I finally had to throw the Fast weightloss Cabbage soup, but I kept on thinking what went wrong? I finally came to conclusion that Celery leaves I had put in the soup had very strong smell, from the time I bought them from the Singapore Wet Market till I chopped and put them in Soup, I hated it, the aroma was a very strong bad smell for me, I was not convinced that I wanted to have it, even in the soup I was thinking to replace the Celery leaves to the Coriander leaves but since the Recipe said Celery I used that.
I am planning I will try this magical Fast weight loss cabbage soup for loosing weight faster within a week once again, I shall not give up so fast. I Really hope it suits my taste buds, and I can do some healthy modifications to this weight loss soup that suits my Indian taste buds and helps me in my weight loss journey post pregnancy.
What happened to all the fruits & vegetable I bought for the 1 week weight loos diet plan?

I used up most of it, except the Celery, One Cabbage & 1 bunch of banana that we could not finish and it got spoiled and had to throw it!! The 3 Day Diet is aimed at people looking to lose weight fast and is not made for the faint-hearted!
Although there are several different versions of the 3 Day Diet out there, they are all promising that you will lose around 10lbs by consuming less than 1000 calories a day (for both men and women).
Always check with a doctor before starting a diet to make sure that you are not going to harm your body further.
Despite this diet being a popular one that has been around for a long time and has been trialed and tested by many, there are very few biological benefits to your body. Any one of the diets out there will contain risks, and especially the diets that have low calorie intakes such as this one.
To Lose Weight faster, Mind you this is definitely not the healthy way and results depends on each body type. Mind you it is risky to loose weight fast & I took that risk & made the famous fast weight loss cabbage soup!!
This is a tough and gruelling diet that requires dedication as it puts you on a strict eating and drinking regime for 3 days. This is just one of many different weight loss diets that you can take so research around other diets before decidiing to take on this one.
If you have health problems then it is advisable to make sure your food intake is at an appropriate level. The reason it is so well-known is because in most cases there has been successful short term weight loss.

Exercise should be kept to a minimum and there is not a lot of variety available when it comes to altering the menu. Afskrifte van die "3-dag dieet" gaan voort om te dryf rondom die kuberruimte, met die belofte van vinnige gewigsverlies, reiniging, laer cholesterol, en 'n verhoogde energie. It is not a complicatedĀ diet to follow and the suggested meals are very easy and quick to prepare. The results experienced are short term results so you need to be careful to not convince yourself that the results will last long. The other thing to worry about is depending on the person, this could lead to repeptitive dieting in this manner to repeat the effect it has, which is dangerous. What that means in ONLY consuming water for 7 days straight, its a great experience for your body,you clean your kidneys,you can see clearer, your skin looks very healthy, and you have far more energy.
The first 3 days will be HARD you want food,your light headed,and possibly dizzy,and you will lack energy and strength. The important part is breaking the fast,you must break it slowly with fruit (small amounts like a orange or apple) then after a day of that,throw in a muffin, but if you go back to eating burgers and big turky sandwhiches you will gain it back very VERY fast.if you dont break it correctly your stomach will feel like its going to explode. There once was a diet that stated to continuously chew your food into oblivion without swallowing while you absorbed the nutrients through your mouth.

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