Trust me, I know how badly you want to be able to lose the dreaded "baby weight" once your little bundle of joy is here.
Which is why I spend so much time trying to educate pregnant women and challenge, empower and inspire you to exercise and eat healthy during pregnancy. As of the date of this post, I had my second baby 16 weeks ago and I am happy and lucky to say that I exercised during the entirety of both pregnancies.
I was in pre-pregnancy weight within 3 weeks postpartum and I walked out of the hospital in my regular jeans.
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Now, if you follow Lose Baby Weight blogs and our Facebook page you will know we only advocate safe and healthy weight loss of approx 500g – 1kg a week which is critical for your health, sustained weight loss, your energy levels and your milk supply if you are breastfeeding.
So when we see all these companies pushing these unrealistic weight loss messages it concerns us as a) it is so unhealthy for you and b) because it puts just more unrealistic weight loss pressure on mums and women that to be successful in weight loss you need to lose 6kg a week! So enough or our rant – we have asked nutritionist Elisha Danine to give her opinion on these fast weight loss diets to explain just why they are so bad for our health. Why I say this is because 99% of weight loss replacement shakes or diet plans (The healthy mummy range is the only one I have found that is not) are very high sugar – causing your body to create more insulin. These types of diets also make your breath smell, give you constipation (from lack of fibre) leading to unfavorable gassy odours.
For the breastfeeding mother, drastically restricting calorie intake may affect your milk supply, and we all know that breastfeeding in itself increases weight loss. As a qualified Nutritionist, I recommend to my clients the healthy mummy smoothie and other great products in the range as an aid for easy, sustainable and healthy weight loss, with no side affects, that also tastes great and are low in sugar and high in fibre and nutrients – and as an added bonus they are dairy and gluten free if you have allergies.
For a weight loss plan that really works and is designed for real, busy mums, sign up to our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
And if you are new to Lose Baby Weight see why are plans are different and see the top Q&A on our plans.
Most of us know we will need to follow a ‘diet’ of some sort, that will probably be really difficult to stick to and also give us some nasty side affects to top it off! Insulin is a hormone and when too much is released into the bloodstream, it promotes fat storage.

When your body is in starvation mode, for the first couple of weeks you will lose excess fluid as you have cut out most or all of the carbs out of your diet.
Healthy weight loss for a breastfeeding mother or any person for that matter is around 500g to 1kg per week. You will get access to 800 delicious, healthy recipes, customisable meal plans with shopping lists and 28 days of at home, time-efficient exercises for busy mums just like you. We know that when your pancreas can no long make enough insulin due to excess dietary sugar intake, this can result in Type 2 Diabetes.
If you see or hear anything different, then it is just not healthy or sustainable and as I’ve mentioned above it can be down right dangerous.
You can see the comparison table here which shows the sugar levels per 100g in shake based product and how the Healthy Mummy range is low in sugar and how others are very high.
If left untreated the kidneys may no longer be able to remove enough wastes and excess fluids from the body and can result in dialysis or kidney transplant.
As a woman, I personally faced this problem and today I share some tips to lose weight after pregnancy fast & quickly. Here you must need to keep in mind that, you need to follow all instructions perfectly for the safety of your child also. Here goes some tips and tricks from my side which will help you to lose weight after pregnancy and at the same time there will be no problem with your child. Try to take 1500 calories per day as it will help you to produce enough milk for your child. At the same when your body will produce enough milk for your child,then it will burn extra calories from your body. So it is not a clever idea to not take enough foods to lose weight after pregnancy fast, but it is better to take enough foods to fill up the requirement of calories. 3.) Take Small Meals to Lose Weight after Pregnancy Fast First of all, most of the girls don’t love to take breakfast and they think that it helps them to lose weight. Try to take a heavy breakfast at morning and then take a few small meals during the whole day. It will supply enough calories to your body and on the other hand your body will not get any extra fat.

So take a good breakfast at morning and then take few small meals in whole day and it will help you to lose weight after pregnancy fast.
4.) Exercise to Lose Weight after Pregnancy Fast Exercise is the best way to burn extra calories from your body.
But please wait up to 2 to 3 weeks before moving for exercise to lose weight after pregnancy. It is better to wait 3 weeks after pregnancy and then start with some light exercise and then to move for heavy exercise. In that time you also need to have healthy meals so that you can get enough support to fight against your tiredness.
If you are a busy mom with your family maintenance then you can start some exercise in the morning first and day by day you can increase the level of your exercise. Don’t be worried about your extra weight after pregnancy as sometimes you may need a couple of months to return back in pre-pregnancy weight level. 6.) Keep Moving to Lose Weight after Pregnancy When you were pregnant, then you used to pass yours most of the time by sitting or taking a rest for the safety of the child. So it is proved that extra movements of body after pregnancy will help you to lose weight after pregnancy, but don’t forget to start this movement after a week minimum. 7.) Support From Your Partner to Lose Weight after Pregnancy It is really important to get enough support from your partner at this stage which will help you a lot to lose weight after pregnancy. His support will help you completely to lose weight after pregnancy so keep a good relation with your partner also. Your body must need to get enough calories to support you, but at the same time you need to be away from fat.
These are a few useful tricks and tips to How to lose weight after pregnancy and as a mother of a child; I got the desired results after using these tricks.
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