Winter months would bring little or no vegetation resulting in a diet full of animal fat and meat.
Our bodies are designed to use two different fuel sources, they can burn sugar (glucose) or fat (ketones).
Today, we have an endless supply of food (Can we really even call it that anymore?) all year around. When you are a sugar burner, you need a constant source of fuel such as glucose that comes from carbs. Instead I’ve eaten meat, fish, vegetables, egg and extra large amounts of high-fat sauces and butter. In my case the results so far track the blood ketones reasonably well, even if urine ketones is a more inexact and unreliable test.So what do you think I’ve noticed? Then add fat to satiety.Some less informed people still confuse natural ketosis with the pathological state ketoacidosis.
The latter has completely different causes, usually extreme insulin deficiency in type 1 diabetics. In this dangerous state the ketone koncentrations are around ten times higher then in normal ketosis, and the blood sugar is sky high.Natural ketosis due to low carb eating is perfectly safe with stable well-controlled blood sugar and well-controlled blood ketones.

What concerns me is that when I check for ketones using the stips, I am getting a deep purple color. Carb cravings have all but gone but when they do happen a handful of salted sunflower seeds does the trick. I am a little worried I am overdoing it though, The only thing I am counting is Carbs and keeping them less than about 5mg a day. Today for example I ate 2 bags of spinach with oil and vinegar dressing, one whole cucumber, one can of salmon mixed with mayo, 2 cans of sardines, 3 chai teas, 2 coffees with heavy cream and one sweetner. That is when I have some meat, either chicken, beef or Turkey, once a week liver, a salad maybe, and some more broth. Both that I saw was complaining about this state that you do what can be considered muscle-building activities.For you who exercise and are putting on muscle, a low carb diet means you're eating more proteins, which assists in the expediency of muscle-mass, so for you, it may be that you need to stop looking at the scale and start doing body fat composition.
BMI only measures total mass, and does not distinguish what type of tissue that mass is coming from just like a scale does not distinguish what type of mass the weight is coming from.A bca, bfc, or body composition assessment is where literally ascertain the percentage of body fat your body contains. This is done by measuring fat areas on the body, men the widest part of the waste, usually just below the belly-button, and the neck, and then there's a chart for your height to show what your body fat composition is.
Other ways are digital readers that you hold, the pinch-test, and I think one or two others.

The last 2 weeks, I have lost a big fat 0) I have never gone over 20 carbs per day and I have not added nuts or berries to my diet yet.
I just don't see how working out & eating 20 carbs per day would not yield a loss on the scale or at the least my clothes fitting betterReply to comment #105 by Andrew122daveFebruary 8 I started the KD two weeks ago, I have lost 8lbs. I have a question for you I can't seem to get my blood ketone levels higher then .2 in the morning.
Also, I workout 5 days a week.Reply to comment #115 by Raf126daveFebruary 8 What does it mean if my blood keytone meter reads 3.9 ? Learn more about the Diet Doctor organisation and join us in empowering people to revolutionise their health.

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