The latest figures from Health Survey for England show that 62.8 per cent ofA  adults in the UK are overweight or obese.SO WHAT IS THE BEST WAY FOR WOMEN TO LOSE WEIGHT?
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A new weight-loss drug, called Saxenda, has been approved by the nation’s watchdog for prescription to obese Australians. When combined with diet and exercise the daily injection can help people lose up to eight per cent of their body weight.
The drug works by sending a signal to the brain which tells it food has arrived in the stomach and reduces appetite.

The drug comes in the form of a daily injection that can be self-administered and costs almost $400 a month. Doctors will be able to offer the prescription to patients with a BMI over 30 (which is considered obese) or patients with a BMI over 27 who are suffering weight-related health issues. Scientists have discovered that when it comes to the benefits of exercise, the odds appear to be firmly stacked against the fairer sex. This is a concern because there are high mortality rates with Type 2 diabetes, especially for women.''We keep assuming that exercise will do the tricka€”we think when we tell people to "go train," regardless of gender, everyone will get the same results. Personal trainer Dan Roberts says 'by far the best way' for women to lose weight is to lift weights.

New research suggests that women have to do a lot more exercise to get the same health benefits as men, in terms of both diet and fitness.Scientists at the University of Missouri who put obese men and women on the same fitness programme found men reaped significantly more benefits. And experts are now warning that while exercise alone might be enough for men to lose weight, women must also address their diet to get the same results. These findings could help health providers and researchers develop targeted exercise interventions for obese women.The study was published in the journal Metabolism.

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