The Atkins Diet is tried and true and you WILL lose weight if you follow the basic principles of low carb. Cons: The Atkins Diet is difficult to sustain long term unless you are willing to forgo sweets pretty much forever. Even if you’re eating “healthy,” if you consume too many calories, too large portions, too many bites, you won’t lose or maintain weight.
Once you eat that skinless chicken breast, the calories are going to go somewhere, the same as if you eat sour cream and onion potato chips.  Your thighs don’t care WHY you ate either one. In addition, it’s great to lose four pounds the first week of a new diet—but can you sustain that way of eating?  What about six months or two years down the road?  What happens when you attend your niece’s wedding or meet friends for dinner at your favorite Mexican restaurant? The bottom line with any way of eating is that you know you.  If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t matter if it works for a thousand other people.

Being full was the signal to stop eating, whether or not there was food left on the plate.  That’s how naturally thin people eat.
Fab post- thanks ?? I finds self eating out of stress or tiredness or anger- but the only person that gets punished is me when I feel rubbish! I'm a happy wife and mom of 12, Plexus Sapphire Ambassador, T-Tapp Master Trainer, homeschooler for 29 years so far, and baker of a million cookies.
Go through the four phases (Induction, Ongoing Weightloss, PreMaintenance, and Maintenance), and try to keep your carbs under 20 grams, and you will have the most success. It’s easy to blow the plan, and go back to old ways, and weight returns straightaway. Count your points like a good soldier, and you will lose the weight, more slowly than Atkins, but it will come off.

We've kept things together (and mostly sane) at home in the meantime, so look around the blog to find practical help for home, family, health and business!
I have a hard time arranging my days like that because it seems like there is always something that comes up on a day I am supposed to be eating God made foods. Two of the most popular diets, Atkins and Weight Watchers are typically the ones that dieters go to first for fast, safe weight loss, but which one is better?

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