That annoying flickering that signals that your TV is broken or needs tuning might just be your best friend, provided that you're seriously considering losing some weight.
Researchers say that, as their investigations have shown, this flickering has the amazing ability of chasing away hunger pangs. According to Daily Mail, it does so by not allowing your brain to focus too much on mental images of a delicious cupcake drowning in syrup or whatnot. Experiments carried out with the help of volunteers have shown that, after a person is exposed to a flickering screen, their hunger pangs can subside by as much as 23%. Specialists say that hunger pangs can also be reduced by focusing on a mental image of a rainbow or some other thing that has absolutely no connection to food.
Watching too much TV is not good for health; it can make you fat, lead to many diseases and can also kill you.
Modern and sedentary lifestyle also contributes in the increasing risk of health issues like obesity, backbone issues, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. But if we say that, we have few interesting ways to lose weight while watching TV, lucky you.
Don’t be a couch potato : Eating your meals on couch for sure leads you to weight gain, so stop eating your full meal on couch.
Snacks and munching habits : When we watch TV, we tend to munch on, and those who watch lots of television the condition could become worse for them.
Night routine : One should eat his last meal of the day 2-3 hours before going to bed, it is necessary to live healthy lifestyle. Copyright © 2016 MynahcareTM and Positive LifeTM are the registered trademarks of PAVNA e-Systems and Electronics Pvt. Ronaldo, 36, had well documented weight issues throughout his career and now that he has retired from the game he is struggling even more with thyroid problems.

He hopes to be in shape by the December charity tie, where he will go head-to-head with ex-Real Madrid teammate Zinedine Zidane.
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This new series sees clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron and her team help couples who are caught in a cycle of over-eating, and are consequently threatening both their health and their relationship. Actress Alison King leaves the cobbles next week after a decade in the role of Carla Connor.
But our love for TV is more than our love for health, experts said that regular watching TV even for 1-2 hours can make you feel tired, dizzy and you feel fatigued. Missing the daily soap drama or rom-com series is not at all appealing to you, not even at the sake of your health. Here are the reasons which lead you to weight gain while watching TV and the solutions to avoid it.
It is always said that eat the meal in kitchen or in dining room is good, and don’t watch television. The next thing to keep in mind is that, keep on moving your hands or keep your hands busy while watching TV.
We all enjoy watching TV and if we do cycling or treadmill during our favourite show, it can be beneficial for us. Follow the night routine which not only comprises of making bed, brushing teeth and avoiding night time food, it also includes unplugging the TV and other gadgets an hour before you get into the bed. Thus, he has agreed to join a reality TV show to lose weight before playing in a charity benefit game. Find general information on life, culture and travel in China through our news and special reports or find business partners through our online Business Directory.

In this first episode, we meet Becky and her partner Phil as they are separated for ten weeks in a bid to change their habits. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Watching TV while eating leads to overindulgence of food and then weight gain, rather sit with someone and eat. So pick some healthy snacks before your show starts like fruits, veggies, popcorns, healthy drinks like lemonade, fresh juice, mint and cucumber crusher can be more satisfying and better.
A small bowl is sufficient instead of binging on family size bowl; all these things help you in shedding weight or help you in avoiding weight gain. It helps in burning calories, you can do fidgeting, folding the clothes (laundry), painting nails, stitching clothes, knitting, cutting veggies, etc.
I have already tackled many challenges and this will not be easy," said Ronaldo, who will spend three months on the programme "Fantastico". It is also advisable that get up during commercials and move around, you can also do spot exercises.
You can also record your favourite shows and watch while doing domestic chores it will help you not to become couch potato.

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