Deciding I wanted to get back into shape after putting on a lot of weight during my pregnancy was easier than doing it. When the quick fixes didn’t work, I started watching my portions and eating three or four small meals a day. I joined a fitness club in order to use the equipment and when my membership languished for six months and I’d only made periodic visits, I had to get serious with myself. So, I sucked it up and spent nearly seven hundred dollars to hire a personal trainer for 14 sessions, twice a week for seven weeks.  The money spent hurt, but it got me into the gym twice a week and sweating my butt off. We had a treadmill purchased on a whim a few years before that sat gathering dust in a spare room.  I cleaned it off, plugged it and made a concerted effort to walk on it at least twice a week as well. What I discovered after the first week was that I didn’t have to make myself do it anymore.
My standard workout now consists of 60 to 70 minutes on the treadmill five days a week and 20 to 30 minutes on my two slow days. I don’t always enjoy myself while I’m walking those extra steps to the mall door (especially in the rain or the blistering heat of the summer), however I do enjoy the fact that I’ve dropped five dress sizes and lost more than fifty pounds. I was laid up for three weeks a couple of months ago and I couldn’t work out, do long walks or anything ‘strenuous.’ I quite literally thought I would go mad and that’s when I’d realized that initial investment all those months ago was paying off.
While exercising may not be the ‘best’ thing I do, it’s as regular as breathing to me now and I miss it when I don’t get a chance to do it.  I’ve also learned that what works for one person doesn’t work for another. I’m about halfway to my goal now and I’m not really racing to get there, instead I take it one day at a time and enjoy the feeling I’ve got. June 9, 2014 4 CommentsFrom the moment a mama finds out she’s expecting, she begins thinking about pounds. By month 3 or 4 of your new baby’s life, mama is tired of baggy maternity clothes, the baby blues are in full swing and life is starting to feel normal, but oh-so overwhelming. Honestly, while nursing both Jemma and Max, I’ve found myself to be more hungry and thirsty than I was while pregnant. I had the fortune of shedding the pregnancy weight pretty quickly, which I attribute to nursing. I didn’t struggle losing weight after either child which I attribute to age, nursing, running, and playing with my kids. I contemplated writing about losing baby weight for the mere fact that I have yet to try to lose any weight since Annabelle was born.
NOW another reason I didn’t want to write about losing weight baby weight is because I know that every woman is going to have a different story. My plan (as of yesterday) is to cut down on the sweets and to start incorporating some exercise into my daily routine.
Im a month out and only one pair of my pre maternity jeans fit and when I say fit they basically squeeze my tummy ?? I haven’t done much to feel good about myself.
I had to accept that after 14 months this is no longer baby weight and is instead mama never tried to lose the dang baby weight. Ah cutting back processed foods sounds like such a good idea – but I am limited to what I can eat because of her and my belly as it is, so I can’t do it! In my experience, which like you said every woman is different, I was able to eat healthy while breastfeeding and that has helped with the weight but I still feel that mushyness around my hips, butt and a little on my belly but I haven’t done any exercises and she’s 6 months old!
I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and I am on the AdvoCare Pregnant & Nursing Moms challenge! I gained 25 with Nolan and had lost 54 by the time I got pregnant with P (Nolan was 16 months when I got pregnant) so trust me, it comes off! This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Slimfast, but all my opinions are my own.
Women are always wondering how to lose baby weight or how to get their body back after pregnancy.
When you’re in those first few months of sleep deprivation, you might accidentally skip meals!
Staying hydrated with water is important for everyone, even if they aren’t trying to lose weight. When I gave birth, my hospital gave me a snazzy cup that had a nice straw and was really, really big. Stocking your refrigerator and freezer with healthy snacks and treats can really help keep you on track. This is probably one of the most tedious and annoying things to do, but it sure is effective.
Now, before I go further, let it be known that I know some women can’t (or choose not to) breastfeed. After doing everything you can, if you find yourself just not losing any weight, it might warrant a trip to the doctor. I had my last baby 12 years ago, and have done my share of trying different ways to lose weight {not just baby weight}. Until I settled down in a comfortable relationship I never needed to worry about my weight, I played netball for my county when I was younger and continued to play on and off throughout my twenties. After meeting Ryan and moving in with him I remember quite quickly having to buy bigger sized clothes and weirdly it didn’t bother me. When we embarked on our conception journey it was important to both of us to be in peak condition, we were both smokers so that had to stop and we both needed to lose weight.
When I fell pregnant with Lilah I was around 13 stone, it wasn’t ideal or where I wanted to be but if I am completely honest that was the last thing on my mind.
I never once weighed myself when I was pregnant, it wasn’t a conscious thing I just never felt the need. Weight loss should be the absolute last thing on any new mothers mind and it was right in the back of mine, I was really self-conscious though and looked at some friends who seemed to snap back into shape really quickly my word I was so jealous HA. I had a planned section so I was out of the exercise game for a good couple of months even if I had been desperate to pound the treadmill (I really wasn’t).
As soon as I was able I went walking as much as I could, I was walking the dogs and it was summer so it didn’t take a lot to get me out. I contacted Emma my PT again to see if she could fit me in for some sessions and I found a company who specialised in outdoor classes for postnatal women where we could take our little ones along to and I roped some of my NCT buddies in for a laugh.
I really focused on eating well and healthy cutting out processed food, swapping fizzy drinks for water and getting back into having smoothies for breakfast full of goodness. I used to do a bit of running with Ryan when we were trying to lose weight in order to help get pregnant before our miscarriage and I absolutely hated it, with a passion.
At the end of February 2014 I suddenly felt like going for a jog around our village, the nights were still dark so I stuck to the road rather than the lovely canal we have near us.
I totally caught the running bug, I was out as much as I could with having a baby and still trying to fit in everything else as well. By the end of April I was down to around 13 stone and running more than I ever thought I could in my life so I had officially lost my baby weight – amazing.
We had a holiday planned for June as I was determined to get to 12 stone by the time we went. There was a 5km charity run around the canal where I live at the beginning of July and I just was not sure if I was brave enough to sign up for it. After we came back from holiday I started to struggle, the weather changed, I was running less and needed to find an alternative. I tried faddy diets in the beginning and although I lost a few pounds on them they very quickly either came back on or I plateaued completely with the baby weight loss after a few days, its mainly bollocks and the only thing which really works is hard work, determination and a lot of sweat (and some tears!). It’s not rocket science, we all know what foods and drink are bad for us and what is good for us. Be consistent, so many people start, stop, start, stop and not only is it bad for your body the likelihood is you won’t get to where you want to be. Set yourself a goal, not a goal to lose 3 stone in a month but small goals every so often and when you get there enjoy it! Well first off we have a big holiday to the USA in May and if you have ever been there you know that weight gain is inevitable so my current goal is to be 10 stone for then – I know this is a big ask of myself as I am getting very close to my goal weight. I love that the nights are getting lighter and since I have changed jobs I can run home from work!
I am not perfect, I am not a supermodel but I am a role model to my daughter and I love the fact that when I come home from a run she says mummy running fast! Losing baby weight, or any kind of weight is not easy and it won’t be a quick fix, this is a lifestyle change NOT a diet!
If I am luck enough to go on to have another baby I know I am starting in a much better position that last time and I know I can easily lose my baby weight second time round.
I got this little inspirational quote from Zig Ziglar (an American motivational speaker) and I think it’s perfectly related to baby weight and any kind of weight loss, health and pretty much every day life! I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about How to Lose Baby Weight then please send them my way! Feel free to ask me any questions, send me your moans and gripes or just discuss the latest Kardashian episode or Instagram post from Mrs West herself! About UsHump, Bump & Baby was founded in 2013 by myself, Jennifer Hill after a 3 year struggle to conceive.

It’s hard to see everyone around us having children and not ever being able to share our true feelings about our situation for fear of upsetting people, Hump, Bump & Baby provides a great community for us all to be open and honest about our feelings with a few good fun bits thrown in for good measure. I tried a lot of different diets including Atkins and discovered that deprivation wasn’t something that worked for me. I didn’t spend the workout hour cursing my investment or the pain in my legs, back and feet. I walk with my daughter two or three times a week while she rides her bike and I even park in the back forty when we go to the grocery store or the mall. So rather than binging, I just eat smaller portions.  If I decide I want some super sinful dessert, I get to have it and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt.
Walking every day has brought me peace of mind and when I’m feeling fried, stressed or at an impasse with work or life, I just hit the pavement for a stroll or the treadmill. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
I’ve got good genes from the women in my family and I know that plays a lot into how I gain, lose and maintain weight, especially through my birthing years. With Penny, I had no idea what to expect, and silently accepted that if I was forever to have a squishy mom body, so be it. While nursing though, I ate a ton and I ate well and drank at least 70 oz of water each day. I am not ready to bring Annabelle to the nursery at the gym, so for now, my workouts will consist of things I can do in my living room or walking with the stroller outside. I think I have extra cushion on my behind and a nice pouch on my belly – but my husband tells me I look great. It took you 9 months to gain the weight and have your body change and to allow it 9 months to return back.
So now I’m trying to work out more and cut WAY back on the processed foods and sweets. I had problems with my tailbone and heels during pregnancy and I am worried once I start exercising they are going to return!
I lucked out that my per pregnancy pants fit after the first month but I also was on a low sugar abd carb diet while pregnant due to GD. The very best thing you can do for your little one and yourself is to feel good about yourself! While I’m certainly not an expert, there are several things you do to help aid in weight loss after pregnancy.
But I think one of the best ways to lose your baby weight, is to prepare before you even give birth. However, drinking water can help get rid of water weight (ironic, right?), keep you from eating too much, and will give you energy. Not only does infused water help detox the body (with the right combinations of fruits, veggies, and herbs), but it’s delicious. A brisk walk around the neighborhood pushing your stroller can still get your heart rate up and burn a lot of calories. If you do a search for exercises with babies, you’ll be able to find a bunch of great ideas. And I know how easy it is to eat healthy for the main meals of the day, but totally falter when you see cookies on your counter, or a tub of ice cream in the fridge. Be sure to enter the 14 days to Slim Challenge Sweepstakes on Slimfast’s Facebook page from May 12th until May 27th. She is a woman of many (random) talents, which include writing, cooking, sewing, technology, social media, and being a self-proclaimed Google expert. Rude comments, those containing personal attacks, or anything criticising how this blog is run or monetized, will be deleted immediately. All of these tips are fabulous for everyone, not just women who recently gave birth- so glad you’re sharing them! I suppose I was happy and comfortable and just enjoying life, eating out, drinks the normal new couple stuff!
I got really embarrassed travelling back home to see my friends – you could see the shock on their faces.
When we discovered the issues I had internally I decided that I needed to kick it up a gear and really give my body the best possible chance I could. I did indulge in one too many cravings and perhaps some days took the eating for two (which is a total myth) to the extreme! There is a lot of pressure on mums to be back to normal as quickly as they can and if it doesn’t come naturally to them then it’s an unnecessary evil to!
I remember buying a couple of items of clothes and I had to buy a size 20 and thinking in the back of my mind that really wasn’t good but it was not a priority at that time, baby weight could wait I had to get my head around this parenting lark. I started small just a couple of miles and then when Lilah was around 4 months old I decided I needed to kick it up a gear weigh myself and face up to reality. I went hell for leather, signed up for 2 PT sessions a week and 2 post natal classes a week. Ryan was much fitter than me and faster and would really push me to speed up, I don’t know how many times our runs ended up in an argument or me in tears! It wasn’t easy, there were really hard days and weeks when I exercised my butt off but didn’t lose a pound or an inch or even some weeks put it on!!
I was easily running over 3 miles without any stopping, getting up before Lilah woke up to run or going when she had gone to sleep! I think I ended up being around 12 stone 4lbs when we went but I felt amazing, I had come a long way and I really felt confident in the clothes that I was wearing and swimming costume (not bikini brave though!). Although it was a charity event it was full of running clubs and I thought it would be really intimidating. I came across Linzi the “Fitness angel” through Facebook when I was looking for a kettlebell class to join, I had used weights with Emma and always found it really helped me to lose weight and tone up during past attempts.
People have started to say things to me like “you don’t need to lose any more weight”, “you’re too hard on yourself” but really it’s not for them to say it’s my personal goal and until I reach it I will continue to be focused.
I am proud of my guns, I am proud of the fact I can feel muscles in places I never knew had muscles and that I am in the gym lifting weights with the fellas showing them us girls are tough. I have a mummy tummy, it’s saggy and when I plank it hangs down like jelly but hey when you lose 5 stone you are bound to have some loose skin!
Aside from the obvious food and drink sacrifices there may be times when you miss a bath time or two because you are heading to a class but you are doing this for the benefit of your child as well as you! I’m 5’ 6” so my normal weight range is between 10 and 11 stone, it’s going to be hard but I am focused. I started up a running club with some of my friends who all said they didn’t want to go running on their own. I love the fact that not only have I survived the first 2 years of parenthood and done a pretty good job at it but that I have also got myself in the best shape of my life and lost my baby weight healthily and happily (mostly).
During a 3 year struggle to conceive I found out I had a unicornate uterus (half a womb!) and only 1 fallopian tube which turns out is a pretty rubbish tube! Now mummy to a 2 year old daughter our mission is to bring all the facts, issues and stresses of trying conceive, being pregnant and parenthood in a fun, friendly and honest way!
Trying to get pregnant, being pregnant and being a parent all comes with its stresses and at Hump, Bump & Baby we want to assure you that you are not alone and we are here to support you. I discovered that thinking I wanted to lose the weight and get into shape was a heck of lot easier than putting that thought into action.
On the busiest of days, I’ve managed to sneak in two or three 20 minute sessions that keep me charged up.  I make myself accountable and I reap my own rewards. As the scale crept up, it crossed my mind a handful of times, how exactly, it would go back down. With both postpartum rounds it took me a year to shed the weight I gained during pregnancy. And if I was a scientist, I’d be hypothesizing my heart out and running a little study to gather some data.
It feels good to see some of that softness tighten up and to fit into a good chunk of those pants.
I go back to work next week and I am going to have to wear my smaller maternity clothes that just isn’t right!! I don’t know what will happen once I really start – I have a lot of aches and pains when I am on my feet too much and its already been almost 2 months! I have helped a few friends on it and they lost the weight and then some they were looking to loose all while nursing!
I tried on a bathing suit I bought for this summer a few weeks ago – whoooooa, big mistake!!!
My partner and i delight how much hard work you place to generate this sort of wonderful educational web site. You can still get back into good shape after you have a baby, but it might not be the same! Gaining the recommended amount of weight for your size and exercising regularly not only prepares you to give birth but to help shed the pounds after pregnancy as well.

Most of them require the child to be at least three months (maybe older), but gyms or rec centers have so many resources for exercise.
While those treats are totally fine in moderation, it’s far too easy to eat 10 cookies, or an entire pint (or gallon) of ice cream when they are the only snacks around. As hard as it might be, sleep when your baby sleeps (assuming you don’t have other kiddos to demand your attention) and go to bed early. She loves spending time with her family, learning about parenting and pregnancy, and just enjoying life to the fullest. And though I have lost the weight my body isn’t the same, specifically this belly of mine. I think it’s good for women to realize that losing the weight takes time (usually) and everyone has a different experience! Emma tried to encourage me to keep up with some of my exercise to keep healthy throughout and make it easier to lose my baby weight afterwards but I was so terrified of something going wrong that I decided to stay away from everything except walking the dogs. Considering I had a 6lb 3oz baby I was carrying a lot of extra weight not just baby weight. You need to be physically and mentally ready to lose baby weight otherwise it just wont work out for you. I was keeping up with the walking, classes and PT although I did stop that early in 2014 but mainly because being on crap maternity pay and the end of my leave I just couldn’t afford it but I had joined the local council gym and was trying to recreate my PT sessions on my own. I was a complete bitch to live with those weeks – nothing more infuriating that working so hard for no change in your body. The most amazing thing about that holiday (besides it being our first family one!) was that I kept up with my running, the resort had a great promenade that went on for miles so every other day I would get up first and go for a run before it got to warm.
I felt so good about myself and confident with it, I no longer wanted to cover up in big baggy items of clothing I was proud of what I had achieved. I loved the kettlebells class and still do it today along with Piloxing and Body Conditioning. When I started I thought 12 stone would be a realistic goal, just goes to show that the body can be pushed!
Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy a treat now and then, life is for living but you can’t live it if your body isn’t in the best shape to deal with what’s thrown at it. Studies show that if you dont get baby weight off within a year then it is unlikely ever to shift. Losing baby weight is not easy but it is totally worth it and promotes healthy living and exercise to your little one – my daughter loves to stretch with me after a run. I have pretty much had every kind of fertility investigation and appointment going and am here to share my experiences with you. I am no expert at getting pregnant that’s for sure, I don’t know ANYONE who is an expert parent but I do have some really good experiences which have stood me in good stead to be able to offer some good advice and plenty of support. Of course every story is different but what we want to create is an online meeting place for mums to come and vent, discuss and support each other as us mums do. Scientist I am not, and thus, I’m just going to word vomit my idea on you and maybe you can chime in with your experience in the comments. Then you see some movie star swaggering the red carpet mere weeks after birth and the whole world comes tumbling down, because how do you go to the gym when your lady bits are still throbbing? Then the pounds literally sloughed off around 6 months PP and by 9 months PP I was 20 lbs under what I was when I first became pregnant, and I looked like a sliver of my old self.
I do realize though that not every mama is the same – we have different needs and our bodies move at different paces. I think about it every time I run past the mirror when I am jumping in the shower or getting dressed for the day.
I focused all my energy on her and my job and not taking care of myself because I wasn’t able to do the one thing I thought I could. My incision still hasn’t healed so I’m not cleared to work out yet which makes it harder!! Wider hips and a little bit softer of a stomach is just a sign that you participated in one of the most wonderful events. Despite what some people may believe, eating less than about 1200 calories a day can be detrimental to your health and even if you lose weight quickly, it will come back just as quickly. Plus, if you are breastfeeding, you will probably crave water — it really dehydrates you!
You may feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything during the day, and in turn stay up until midnight, but let me tell you — very few things a worth staying up that late for!
I also met Emma who was part owner of the studio and also a PT (Personal Trainer), we hit it off and I very quickly asked Emma to train me and help me with my weight loss. Lilah was 1 at the end of the month and I remember buying a size 14 pair of jeans (ok they were a bit too tight) and I got so many compliments from my family and friends!
I have never felt a feeling like it waiting to set off, everyone around me with their running vests, Garmin watches, proper running trainers and headbands. I went up after the wedding and fluctuated the last few weeks but am still working hard and have just reached my 5 STONE WEIGHT LOSS!
It’s tiring, sometimes exhausting and some days your body just cannot do it especially having a child who take priority.
Now mum to 22 month old handful Lilah I am sharing my experiences parenthood so far and our journey to hopefully one day having baby number 2. So, skip the gym, and hit the perimeter of the grocery store for some greens and foods marketed at the dieting desperate.
Part of me was shocked, because I had been unhappy with my figure since senior year of high school and here I was, less than a year after having a baby, when I expected to never be thin again and now I struggled to keep weight on.
My husband kept telling me the scale was wrong after he weighed in – but I refused to believe him. I feel like I am eating way more than when I was pregnant, but it’s because bf has me starving all the time. Husbands are so sweet in telling us we look great, but feeling like it is a whole other story! However, many women do lose weight while breastfeeding, and it’s often an added benefit. I knew that I wasnt about to stop and although I had lost my baby weight I was determined to keep going. When I came home I think I had lost a couple of pounds, amazingly as I ate quite a lot of lovely food for 2 weeks.
Ryan and I both have our birthdays in November and then with Christmas I didn’t really lose much weight at all in fact by January I had gone back up to nearly 11 stone 10lbs.
I never once used Lilah as an excuse not to carry on, in fact she was my reason for carrying on when I could have easily sat on the sofa after she went to bed and ordered a Dominos (mmmmmmm Dominos). I absolutely love it, we are boxing (great stress reliever in a relationship to be able to batter your partner and in my case boss!!) doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and it’s just great. I’m open and honest and try to be funny with it, from conception to parenthood it’s all pretty stressful and we need a bit of humour to go with it. Not to mention that grocery store adventures are easier said than done with children in tow. And, most of all, just like I want to normalize breastfeeding, I want to normalize the beauty of the postpartum body. Probably not – those pants are from a few months before I got pregnant when I was at my smallest.
There were around 300 participants and I probably had a big advantage over half of them as it was round one of the routes I regularly did. I was a bridesmaid on January 23rd for our best friends and I had been convinced to buy a size 10 dress, SIZE BLOODY 10!!!!!!!! I’m also doing a weekly bootcamp which is a KILLER (great for shifting pounds and baby weight quickly)! In time we will all find out new normal for our bodies and no matter what that is out babes are so worth every pound, every jiggle and every stretch mark!! It’s hard knowing that it’s going to take a while, but really no big deal in the long run! My goal was under 30 minutes and I completed it in 29 minutes 26 seconds – I was so, so proud of myself. In August I have been convinced to do Tough Mudder so I am training for that, it will be a real test of my fitness and how far I have come from the 5 stone overweight mum starting out on her baby weight loss journey.
Our perspective of beauty is revolutionized as we experience birth and the miracle of our new baby. Rather, a focus on quality calories, frequent, small meals, copious amounts of water, and vitamins and supplements; the same things your body needed while pregnant.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight at my post 6 week check up.

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