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The scale slowed down slightly so I got my Body Fat measured last night on one of the stand up scales in the gym.
I've read a lot on here about Body Fat being quite unreliable, but I just wondered if anyone had any information on what is a good target in terms of how fast to lose percentages.
For example, I'm going on holiday on November 30th, my weight loss will be leading up to looking great on holiday (and there's a gym there too so no slacking!), but if I set myself the goal of 5% am I being completely unrealistic? To lose 5% at your current weight and bf% you'd have to lose about 13 pounds of fat without losing lean body mass.
Looking at her height, weight, and avatar picture, she doesn't seem to actually be over 30%.
Re the body fat% reference pics above, I'm pretty sure the person who put them together just made stuff up. 113 lbs of FFM currently, if that slips to 110 a BF of 26% would mean a weight of 148 lbs ie a loss of 18 lbs. Regardless she believes her BF is X, and even if she is 25% she can lose faster than you advise. In order to gain about one pound of tissue weight (as opposed to transient flux in water weight), you need to consume a total of about 3,500 calories more than you expend.
Therefore, why would you expect someone to realistically cut more than 7,000 cals per week (or 2 lbs.
The fact of the matter is, the body can metabolize 31 calories per lbs of fat on the body per day. I enjoy how you attempt to put words in my mouth, I did not say they could double or triple anything.
I said they can stand to lose faster than the "pro quo" .5-1 lbs a week ( given they are obese) and it is fine and healthy under the right circumstances. As BF% gets lower the rate of loss def needs to slow down to the levels you are talking about.
Your breakfast of two eggs with a little yogurt and spinach adds up to about 15g of protein and no more than 10g of carbs.

Eating most of your calories in the first part of the day will fuel you, fill you up and ensures you don’t get ravenous in the second part of the day.
I’m estimating you’re eating no more than about 40 g of carbs right now, which is way too low for you. Your dinners are so small that your blood sugar will definitely drop during the night, which will make you wake up feeling sluggish and tired and leaves you with little energy to do your workout.
Lean body mass is an indication of a healthy body composition not the absolute weight denoted on a set of weighing scales. That's best done in 13 weeks or slower, so that would be barely doable if you're eating right and exercising to preserve LBM. While ideally tracking body fat percentage would be the best way to track overall progress, there is no reliable way to track it.
I did read, and using a stand up scale to measure bodyfat % is a horribly inaccurate way to do so.
And to lose about one pound of tissue weight, you have to do the opposite -- consume about 3,500 calories less than you expend. By far not enough to balance your blood sugar because you need about 20g of protein (add another egg) and about 30g of carbs (load up on veggies). You’re much better off eating an omelette with loads of veggies or a fritatta or oatmeal with a protein shake or Greek yogurt than having nothing for the first 3-4 hours per day. That’s almost an Atkins Diet approach where you stick to below 30grams in the first couple weeks.
Finding the right carbohydrate balance is one of the hardest things to accomplish but it can be done if you focus on eating as many veggies as you can. The "25%" and "30%" are likely deep into the 30s, probably even the 40s for the "30%" (maybe the other one too).
A significant calorie deficit results in weight loss, yes, but if you skimp on protein, you lose muscle mass. Keep in mind that you have gone without protein for about 14 hours at that point and your muscles will go into a catabolic state (breakdown) if you don’t feed them regularly. While this is effective in helping you lose fat short term, it’s absolutely no sane way of finding balance, Nor will it help you lose weight in the long run.

You will be able to gain muscle with consistent balanced eating, while allowing your body to lose any excess body fat. Fact of the matter is, a lot of testing methods are inaccurate, and are simply gauges to an estimate. A cut from 2,000 cals x 7 days per week down to 1,500 cals x 7 days per week would be exactly a 3,500 cal difference. By the time you eat dinner, your blood sugar level is very low and it’s hard to recover it. So, more veggies, spread out your protein throughout the day, eat more frequently, snack in the afternoon and start your day with a great breakfast.
You won't find many people recommending anything more drastic than this (at least for people who are not obese). What you are both suggesting is that a person can safely double (or triple) that rate of loss safely.
Your blood sugar is low when you wake up after a night of fasting and needs to be balanced. However, you wait until 10am to eat some protein and at that time your blood sugar is even lower than when you woke up.
One cup of broccoli for dinner is just 6 grams of carbs (4 grams if you deduct the fiber, which doesn’t impact your blood sugar). Plus, you don’t want to lose energy to do your workouts because they are necessary to increase your metabolism and to build muscle mass (and keep your sanity). While you won't be able to track your exact body fat percentage, if you are losing weight, you will also be losing fat. The little bit of sugar in your cranberry juice and coffee raise your blood sugar a little bit, but definitely not enough to get it balanced. Eat at least 100g of carbs per day or else you’ll risk losing muscle and your workout intensity will suffer.

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