I get a lot of emails from my readers, asking me questions on the subject of weight loss and fitness. I recently read the story of a 42 year old woman who on the wake of her 40th birthday decided to live her life fearlessly for one year and see what would happen. At one point or another in our lives, we will come to a point where we will need to make a decision to do what is good for our health and fitness, or continue to find excuses why we can’t do what we know we are supposed to do to make our lives better. Diet plans come in all forms and kinds. Some are good and sensible, while others are way too extreme and just plain ridiculous. May 28, 2013 by Megan Leave a Comment There are many points in life that one feels they may not be achieving their true potential.
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Often times, some of the questions people ask, have already been answered in one or two of my blog posts. She took risks she wouldn’t have normally taken and committed to doing at least one thing every day to follow her dream and move her life forward. Once in a while a healthy, conscious eater will find his or herself faced with bad food choices. We know that food is an important part of the weight loss equation but for many of us the food part of the equation tends to outweigh the exercise part.

I believe if you can lose 1kg you can lose 10kg, if you can walk 1km you can run 10km, and if you can do 1 push-up you can do 10 push-ups. You may reach a plateau and not know how to handle a week that goes by without an improvement.
Through diet and exercise you are no longer that same insecure person you were at the beginning. You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. Therefore I have decided to compile some of my top posts on weight loss in this single post, so that you can easily access some of the topics I have already addressed. She committed to waking up at 5am every day, each day she made one phone call she didn’t want to make, or scheduled a meeting. Why do some people lose 4 kilograms in January and then gain it back with some additional weight in March? I believe everyone can reach and surpass their fitness goals if they have access to the right coaching and support.
One of the moments that you feel that more than any other moments is when you are overweight. When you pass a stranger on the street and look up and smile for the first time it will surprise you.

These are the emotional moments that it is important to remember the beginning of your emotional weight loss journey and take note of just how far you have come. I believe this will help you get all the tips and tools you need in one place without having to search through the whole blog.
That is a level of confidence you had deep inside yourself that begins to come to the surface. If you were taking medications for high blood pressure or diabetes you may not be taking those anymore. Losing weight can be an emotional roller coaster, but the end result can affect a personality in a very positive manner. If you were on a medication for anxiety there is a good chance that daily exercise and feeling in control emotionally has alleviated a great deal of stress in your life.
HeartMath is known for their research-based programs and techniques for improving health and well-being.
There are always options to take you from rock bottom to the moment one reaches at the end of a weight loss journey.

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