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Mobile apps only aided weight loss when users also attended regular classes about nutrition and exercise, researchers caution.
I've been struggling for the past few months to drop the last few pounds I need to fit in my cheer uniform from last year. At the end of the study, the mobile app group lost 15 pounds and maintained the weight loss for one year. The 15-second spot, which will run 35,000 times through the end of 2013, features Bethanny Ramsey, who participated in a preliminary weight-loss contest run by Spectrum Brands last summer and lost 15 pounds and 35 inches. Improve your health, lifestyle, diet nutrition with Lose 15 Pounds news, facts, tips, other information. Nikki, 15, lost 55 pounds in as little as 5 months by eating clean and exercising regularly. Here are 15 stars who have lost weight, who look better and more importantly, healthier, than ever.
American Idol star and well-known Weight Watchers spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson, has lost more than 80 lbs. Having lost nearly 70 lbs., Raven-Symone, the little girl who came into the spotlight as Olivia on The Cosby Show, is now slimmer than ever and looks amazing!
After losing 50 lbs., Kelly Osbourne has regained her confidence and now makes red carpet appearances that are nothing short of beautiful.
Star Jones determined that the best method for her to lose weight was to undergo gastric bypass surgery.
Throughout an abuse-ridden childhood, a failed marriage, pregnancies, and unhealthy relationships, weight has always been an issue for Ricki Lake. Standing as the ultimate rags to riches story, Oprah has experienced a lot of loss in her life, including weight loss!

Snooki was always one of the thicker girls on the cast of Jersey Shore and even though she’s pregnant with her first son.
Best known for his role on The Drew Carey Show, as well as the new host of The Price Is Right, Drew Carey is another celebrity who has been a heavier since coming into the public eye. Even though Jordin Sparks came onto the scene as a heavier girl during her debut on American Idol, she claims she lost weight only to live a healthier and more active life.
Best known for her ability to reach those high-pitched notes that few singers can hit, Mariah Carey has been up and down the scales. Producer Randy Jackson has always been on the heavier side, especially during the early years of American Idol.
Possibly best known for her role as Carmen Ferrara on Popular, Sara Rue, in her younger days, was a heavier girl. Does anybody know any good, fast, sufficient weight loss tips that can help me drop 10-15 pounds by at least January? If you've tried and failed many times (which is what I am going through), you have to start slowly.
The control group, who received the education sessions, but did not use the mobile app, did not lose weight. But in recent weeks, she's gotten back on track, has dropped the weight she gained and taken off an additional seven pounds, bringing her down to 258 pounds. But 230 lbs sounds a little high for a 15 year old, unless they are 6 and a half feet tall.
Kelly and her brother Jack have both lost weight in recent years, and their shared weight loss goals may have made the journey a bit easier. She admitted the truth about her weight loss, but  got a lot of heat for originally lying about her choice. However, after her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, she made weight loss a very serious goal, having lost 8.5 inches on the first night of the show.

Though her weight is a number that seems to fluctuate, she has admitted throughout the years to dropping pounds through diet and exercise. After her recently pregnancy with twins, she has slimmed down, losing baby weight and some. However, after several health scares, Randy underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2003 and has since lost 114 lbs. At one point, Woodbury weighed a high of 1,189 pounds, and Discovery Health Channel chronicled his story as part of its “Super Obese” series. In any case, since her debut on American Idol and releasing numerous albums, Kelly has lost 30 lbs., due to lots of cardio. She has become a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, a program that she claims helped her lose more than 40 lbs. Semi-regretting his actions, Seth says that he’s having a hard time keeping the pounds off. Dieters who keep track of everything they eat lose twice as much weight as those who don't, research shows. It requires a lot of energy and effort, and to be shed pounds you have to be persistent, willing, and focused. Since celebrities are in a world where they’re meant to be perfect idols, they often hit the gym to achieve their perfect bodies.

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